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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Got Married, Bitch!

aaron paul new bride wedding marriage

Aaron Paul, AKA Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, AKA the one on breaking bad who says, “Yo, Mr. White!” and “bitch” (but does it so well), got married this weekend. I think Aaron Paul is really attractive. And I think he’s a great actor. So good for him and stuff on finding happiness with another human being. He married some chick named Lauren Parsekian. They met at Coachella (LOL) and judging from this photo got married in the middle of a goddamn magical forest.

His tux is by Burberry (nice!) and her gown is by Amsale. Amsale collections are part pretty and part tacky as all hell. The dress above is kind of a little bit of both. She still looks beautiful. I far prefer Keira Knightley’s dress, recycled or not.

Thanks to ABC news for pointing out Jesse Pinkman’s loving Instagram shoutout:

A day will never go by without me reminding you how special you are. Thanks for last night my pretty little bird.

aaron paul wedding photo instagram

Awwwwwwwww uuggh cuuuute ffffffuuuu.

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