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Want To See Ke$ha’s Butt? Too Bad Here It Is

ke$ha billboard awards short dress

Ke$ha clearly did not wake up feelin like P. Diddy this morning, as P. Diddy is known for wearing pants. Ke$ha does not wear pants if Ke$ha does not want to wear pants. And she decided not to wear pants to the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. I will say with 100% certainty that even this is a much better look than whatever this is.

We got more photos below, though few are as explicit as the one above. Explicit, that is, for the Billboard Music Awards. Not for a Ke$ha video.

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  • I don’t get these girls going commando in public. It’s one thing if she’s got on a long enough skirt to cover wherever she sits. But in a short skirt it ain’t sexy, it’s gross. Putting your open business on a surface that could have ANYTHING on it (or perhaps Ke$ha just sat there) is freaking nasty. In Ke$ha’s case, she might get stuck to the chairs like a suction cup. (“Call 911, we can’t get her loose from her seat again!”)

  • She looks like a skanky heroin/coke/meth addicted stripper from 8 mile in Detroit. I can’t stand this hoe.

  • How about not wearing anything, Keshit? Coz theres a very thin line between wearing such clothes and being naked. And after all, this is the main goal, to expose ur body, rite?