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Bethenny Frankel’s Still Living With Hoppy and It’s Hard

bethenny frankel

Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce from Jason Hoppy in December – an experience she thinks is definitely the most difficult thing she’s ever been through or will ever go through in her entire life.  But the difficulty doesn’t end there – she’s still living with him in their NYC apartment while they hash out the details in court. Awkward!

From People:

“My living situation is very, very stressful,” Frankel, 41, tells PEOPLE in the new issue, on stands Friday. “I don’t think it’s very healthy for anyone involved. It’s very upsetting. You just have to endure it.”

But because it hasn’t been decided who will get the home, they both have a right to live there and so they do.

Hoppy (who declined to comment for the story) has also continued wearing his wedding ring in public, a decision that Frankel finds both irksome and baffling. “It’s an interesting choice,” she says, diplomatically. “And I don’t understand it.”

Now, as Frankel and Hoppy continue to argue over assets, custody (they’re both asking for primary custody of Bryn) and the rights to the home, Frankel says they’re artfully avoiding each other and focusing their attention on their daughter.

“I can’t believe I don’t get to be with her every day,” Frankel says. “And yet, when we were together, all three of us, the dynamic wasn’t good. It wasn’t healthy. That energy wasn’t good for her to be around.”

Regardless of whether or not they haven’t decided who’s keeping the apartment long-term, couldn’t one or the other of them sublet a place for now? They’ve got enough money to do so, they’re both just being stubborn, so they only have themselves to blame on that one, I’d say.

As for Hoppy’s “interesting choice” to wear his wedding ring, she could just… ask him? You know, since they’re sharing the same apartment day in and day out. You might avoid each other, but chances are there’s at least one awkward run-in every couple of days.

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  • Bethenny ! Should have taken a lesson from Kim K. Hire her lawyer next time and get an air tight pre-nup.

  • I feel sorry for Jason, certainly NOT Bethany. He changed his whole life, (not to mention she NEVER wanted to be around his family at all) for her, SHE’S the toxic person not him. He should get Bryn and the apartment just because she is such a crazy bitch!