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Lil Wayne Hospitalized Again For Seizures; He’s OK. Kelly Osbourne’s Doctors Still Baffled By Her Seizures

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Lil Wayne was hospitalized not long ago for suffering from seemingly random seizures. Dr. House got on the case and he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Well, it happened again. Maybe because he allegedly won’t stop taking his “Sizzurp” although he cites stress as the reason. Not much to report on this, but here’s a snippet from USA Today via TMZ:

Lil Wayne was hospitalized Tuesday after suffering a seizure, TMZ reports. The rap star, 30, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles late Tuesday night by his bodyguards after a single seizure and released early Wednesday morning, according to the website report.

“I’m fine. Thank u,” Lil Wayne tweeted at 11:23 a.m. PT Wednesday.

Kelly Osbourne also suffered from sudden seizures around the same time. Someone REALLY needs to get Dr. House on this one, because her doctors are apparently still “baffled” by her attacks. From SFGate:

Kelly Osbourne is still no closer to finding out what caused a seizure, nearly two months after she collapsed on the set of her TV show.

Doctors later concluded Osbourne had suffered a seizure, but the star admits she still hasn’t been given an official diagnosis and has no clue what brought it on.

She tells the Sydney Daily Telegraph, “I still have absolutely no idea what caused it. But if there was something positive to come out of it, it’s that I’ve started looking into what might have happened and what different foods do to your body and it’s made me an even healthier person.”

Osbourne is now considering cutting out tea, coffee and fizzy drinks after hearing that caffeine could be a factor, adding, “Some say caffeine can have a certain effect on you so it’s things like that (I’ve learned). I don’t want to be a sob story and make it sound like I want people to feel sorry for me or something (but) it was completely terrifying.

“What most people don’t know is everyone will experience some sort of seizure in their life. Mine just happened in front of everybody.”

Uh, what? What’s that last part she said at the bottom there? Is that something doctors told her? “Everyone will experience some sort of seizure in their life”? An actual, medically defined seizure, or like the kind of seizure I get when I’m drunk and someone plays Billy Joel and it feels like my entire body explodes an awesome fit of dancing? I’m going to need some clarification here.

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  • Oh girl you are speakin’ my language! Billy Joel dance parties and sing-a-longs whilst drunk = THE GREATEST

  • My mom tells me I had this random seizure when I was 4 years old. I literally turned blue and passed out and was all twitchy and whatnot. The doctors ran a zillion tests and couldn’t find anything and they basically told her the same thing – people just sometimes have weird seizures once and then poof! Nothing further. I’ve never had a problem since. *shrug*

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if what she said were true. Maybe not everyone but a lot of people. They’re not all major. A girl I know had one completely out of the blue once when we were sharing a flat and then never, ever had one again. She’d never had one before either.

  • Kelly may need to completely stop drinking alcohol. Psychotropic meds plus booze equals seizures.

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