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Ray J Hires a Poor Kim Kardashian Lookalike For ‘I Hit It First’ Video

Listen, when it comes to Kim Kardashian‘s nether regions, Ray J most definitely hit it first. Well, the first time it was filmed and released in a sex tape, anyway. And while he wrote an entire track to commemorate the relationship, he wants everyone to know it’s all in good fun and that they shouldn’t think too hard about it. Except do, because now there’s a music video and it’s horrendous/hilarious.

I’m not sure what the funniest part of this video is – Ray J’s glowing car, Ray J hanging out in front of private planes like he can afford them, how the Kim K lookalike can only be shot with one part of her body on screen at a time or you’d be able to tell how NOT like Kim K she looks… need I go on? I wish I could even say this song is catchy, but instead it just makes me feel like Ray J has Tourette’s.

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