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27Adele and Barbra Streisand Are Exchanging Cooking Tips These Days

Adele and Barbra Streisand at the Governors Ball

Adele and Barbra Streisand apparently struck up a friendship earlier this year (of course they did) when Adele went ’round Barbra’s house in Los Angeles for dinner. Since Barbra has an insane personal chef (of course she does) who makes healthy meals that taste as good as restaurant quality, apparently, she and Adele have kept in touch and have been exchanging cooking tips. Sure, why not?

From The Sun:

The pair hit it off immediately and have since stayed in contact, swapping recipe ideas and tips by phone and email on a weekly basis.

Barbra has told pals she reckons the friendship could lead to the pair duetting, and that she already has some song ideas.

That would guarantee a fortune from a worldwide hit.

A source said: “Adele has got heavily into her cooking during her break from music to have her son and Barbra has always been fanatical about what goes into her food.

“They have been swapping notes about meals ever since they met.

“Adele finds her company very reassuring because she has been through the whole global fame thing and knows exactly what it’s like.”

I guess it makes sense that Adele and Barbra Streisand are friends. They’re both singers, they’re both filthy rich… and I guess that’s where the similarities end. Oh, they both like cooking, apparently.
On a side note, I always wish I had a personal chef to make me really good Indian food (and everything else) whenever I desire it.
April 24, 2013 at 7:30 am by Jennifer
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27 Responses to “Adele and Barbra Streisand Are Exchanging Cooking Tips These Days”

  1. mireee says:

    Aaahh this makes me happy!!

  2. Julia says:

    I hope their low fat ! I know that’s mean :( sorry :( but I couldn’t resist ! I love Adele !!

    • Chaz says:

      Oh sure, your post just screams love for Adele….

      • Julia says:

        I do like her but I’m not blind she could lose a few pounds ! Stop trying to find fault with my post its nothing I wouldn’t tell a close friend so does that mean I don’t like them ? You need to get a life ! I didn’t say she’s a slut and I wish she would drop off the face of the earth , I just said eat low fat ! Big fucking deal ! You are just a miserable person that likes to bash people for stupid shit !

      • Chaz says:

        Nah…. I just bash stupid, shitty, miserable people like you!

  3. Chaz says:

    We aren’t blind either, you really need remedial classes.

  4. Julia says:

    I know I’m so stupid that’s why I’m 42 and retired with a boat load of money , I’m so miserable ! Remind me when I’m at one of my homes by the pool soaking up the sun :) I’m sure your such a good role model for your kids and the kids you couch ! With your attitude I’m sure every chance your wife gets she’s fucking someone else ! I’ll have to remind my self how miserable I am when I leave for Dubai tomorrow :( your a piece of shit and I feel bad for your family I would say friends to but I know you don’t have any !

    • Chaz says:

      Enjoy Dubai, I haven’t been back there in three years, had a blast as a consultant for a huge project. Btw, you’re wealthy because someone in your family hit the Powerball.

  5. Julia says:

    Sorry coach !! Grammar police !

  6. Julia says:

    Your such an angry troll :)

  7. Julia says:

    It must suck to go there for business :( we’re going because we own a condo at Atlantis in Bahamas where we keep our boat so were going to check out Atlantis there for fun :)

    • Chaz says:

      Not at all, I get to burn other peoples money when I’m on a project like that, doesn’t suck in the least. Id rather spent time in Jamaica, or my cabins in Co and Or.

  8. Julia says:

    Btw my money is mine and all mine :) sorry your so jealous !!

  9. Julia says:

    Your cabins could probably fit INSiDE any of my homes :) life is great !! I shouldn’t say bad things about cabins because we have a 12000 square foot log home that we use for skiing on the weekends :)

  10. Julia says:

    You can call me all the names you want because I’ll still be rich and you’ll still be working :) even if you work your whole life and hit power ball you’ll still never have more money then me :)

  11. Julia says:

    ANGRY !!!! JEALOUS !!!! POOR !!!!! IT MUST SUCK !!!!!

  12. Julia says:

    Next time a write a check for an organization I’ll remind my self how greedy I am !!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can you two please just give it up! By the way Atlantis, Bahamas is not Dubai!! It is in Nassau, Bahamas.:)

    • Julia says:

      Btw I know where Atlantis is ! Read a little more carefully ! I own a condo at Atlantis in the Bahamas where I keep my boat but they also have Atlantis in Dubai too !

  14. lawl cat says:

    oh the beauty of the internet… you can troll all day and manifest a fake identity for yourself and no one will ever know.. keyboard warriors ftw

  15. A says:

    Julia. A rich, philanthropic, real estate mogul and world traveling gal such as yourself should really think about going back to school to brush up on your spelling, grammar, etiquette and time management skills. How do you have the time to troll these websites while you live a life of luxury? *air kiss* *air kiss*

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