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Nicole Eggert Hospitalized After Practicing For That Crazy Celebrity Diving Show

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Nicole Eggert, former Baywatch star, was injured while practicing her dives for the reality TV game show Splash. Splash is the craziest show on TV. A small group of D + C-list celebrities are put in a diving competition where they have to execute somersaults, backhands, etc off of diving boards that go higher than 30 feet. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was recently injured — during the show — when he had a rough landing. A similar, but more drastic injury appears to have happened to Ms. Eggert. From TMZ:

Sources tell us … the “Baywatch” babe was trying to execute a dive that included multiple backflips … but something went wrong, and she went crashing into the water back first … hard.

We’re told the impact looked so painful, on-site EMTs rushed in to pull the 41-year-old out of the pool … and she went to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Sources tell us … Eggert didn’t break any bones, but docs wanted to make sure she didn’t suffer internal injuries from the impact  — they’re monitoring her kidneys in particular.  Eggert was released from the hospital after a few hours.

It ain’t the first time a star has fallen on the show — Chuy Bravo 86’d himself from the competition after fracturing his heel during diving practice … and Katherine Webb bowed out earlier this week thanks to a back injury.

Rory Bushfield had ruptured his eardrum during a dive gone wrong a few weeks ago … but refused to quit the show.

A rep for Eggert had no comment.

Splash is a CRAZY-ASS SHOW. Kendra Wilkinson bowed out of the competition while on the diving board about to dive. She was too scared to do it. I don’t blame her. It’s on Hulu if you want to check it out, and you should, because it’s just that insane. After this week’s show, Ms. Eggert is almost at the top of leader board, btw. She’s taking this shit seriously and had to overcome some of her own body and image issues, as she didn’t even want people to see her in a bathing suit. So good on you, girl, for overcoming that and your fear of heights. But this show is just too dangerous for fake lifeguards — for anyone — who isn’t a trained diver.

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