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Ke$ha and Harry Styles Aren’t Sexting Yet, But I’m Sure That’s Next

harry styles ke$ha

We all know Harry Styles likes a woman who will put out, so he’s started texting with ghost lover and Johnny Depp eye f-cker Ke$ha – though hold your horses, cos there’s no sexy times just yet.

From E! Online:

“We’ve texted here and there,” Ke$ha exclusively revealed to me yesterday at the MTV Movie Awards. “No sexting—not yet. Maybe he can be my cougar bait.”

At 26, Ke$ha is seven years older than Styles. As 1D fans know, Styles certainly likes the older ladies.

“It could be really fun,” Ke$ha said.

Uh… how about no? I don’t think Harry has particularly discerning tastes or whatever (nor does she), but for some reason I cannot see this one happening. I think Harry would get freaked out by how absolutely f-cking mental Ke$ha is, and she’d probably not be too keen on all the STDs he’s got. ZING! I kid (or do I?) – either way, something tells me he didn’t respond to her last text after reading this.

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  • he’s giving me buster poindexter vibes in that photo. ya know, music fans, that singer from the New York Dolls! ugly as sin, but awesome in Scrooged.

  • He wouldn’t be texting her back to shag because he has a boyfriend. Harry tries to show he’s gay yet media fails to ignore all of this and still show him as some womanizing boy.