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Demi Moore Doesn’t Shave Her Legs; Obviously Headed Towards A Breakdown

demi moore

Demi Moore, former Mrs. Kutcher, isn’t doing very well, according to The National Enquirer. This is based on her wanting to be alone and not shaving her legs. Here’s more:

LONELY Demi Moore has become a virtual recluse after cutting ties with those closest to her – including her therapist – and pals fear she’s teetering on the edge of another meltdown.

The 50-year-old actress, who was recently spotted out on the streets of Los Angeles with unshaven legs and disheveled hair, has told friends who’ve tried to help her: “I’m tired of bothering people with my problems.”

DemiI’s recent erratic behavior is “almost  identical” in nature to how she was acting right before her mental breakdown in January 2012, when she was rushed to the hospital and later reportedly checked into rehab, says a close source.

“It’s incredibly worrying for everyone around her,” added the source.

“She’s now refusing to take calls from some of her oldest friends, and everyone’s really concerned about her.”

The stuff about isolating herself isn’t good but I didn’t realize that shaving your legs = teetering on mental collapse. Someone should have told me this. I must have been worrying people. The Daily Mail posted photos of her reportedly Chewbacca-like legs in March. See the madness for yourself:

Can’t see anything? Let’s zoom in:

demi moore legs
Oh my God, the goddamn horror.

Obligatory “Molly you in danger, girl.”

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  • I’m not convinced Demi shaves her legs at all. Don’t most starlets WAX? Perhaps she has an appointment soon.

  • Ahh..poor Demi. this is what happens to women who are defined more by their beauty than their ‘brains’ or ‘acting chops’ (of which both have always been in doubt – sorry Demi) – but honestly — she should buck up – own the fact that she is still a beautiful WOMAN – not ingenue – not girl – and act her age. This might mean not wearing bizarro outfits.

    Just saying. The camera loves Demi – no matter what her age – if only she knew that.

  • i’ll let my leg hair get that long when my husband goes on tour. hey, if i’m not gettin’ any, then why shave every day? shaving IS a pain in the ass. i’m with kimcheee though, demi’s so rich, no doubt she’s just waiting for her waxing appointment. i’m diggin’ her not giving one fuck & wearing shorts anyway.

  • I shave my legs everyday, even if they don’t need it. Leg hair feels nasty… Looks nasty too.

  • Ever since Demi’s 1980’s photo (aka fur bikini shot) hit the public by way of Tosh.0 a few years back, I think this woman should have a waxer on staff.

  • ive been out wearing shorts with hairy legs, at first i was embarrassed, but after a few days, i just didn’t even fucking care anymore. i think this “idgf” attitude about leg hair is cool and rad. i still like my silky smooth legs more, but the fact that im not afraid to be seen with my leg hair…its really nice :)

  • So what’s the big deal if she doesn’t shave her legs, it’s her personal choice, LEAVE her alone, you’re NOT walking in her shoes, life is difficult for her these days. Stop judging her.

  • If there is hair on Demi Moore’s legs at the time I crawl in her bed then I guess I’m bouta Tap a hairy legged Ass!!!