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Demi Moore: Not Looking So Great

[Image removed upon request] I mean, she’s looking GOOD, if we’re specifically talking on a physical level (and that hair! So pretty!), but if you look deep into her sad, vacant eyes, you’ll see that the outside package does not match the inside.

This is Demi leaving a club last night, and sources are saying that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher‘s new relationship has pretty much put a massive strain on everything in her life. The same sources are also saying that Ashton’s putting pressure on Demi to sign the divorce papers that he sent awhile back, and still, up to this point, she hasn’t. From Showbiz Spy:

“Ashton always wanted Demi to take the lead in filing for divorce, and in her own good time,” said a source. “He didn’t press her too hard because she was going through heavy emotional distress and he didn’t want to pile it on her. But now he’s calling Demi and begging her to file, driven by Mila’s agony over being in a romance with a still-married man. It stings her that he’s fallen in love with a girl much younger than she is. She’s not in the mood to make things easier for him.”

Sure, I mean, I wouldn’t be in the mood to make things easier on him, either, but I also wouldn’t go out in the world looking like the world’s biggest broken heart. No, I’d stay in with some Ben & Jerry’s, wiping my ass with the aforementioned divorce papers, and mailing them with stamps charged on Ashton’s Amex. Damn, girl.

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  • I was watching St Elmo’s fire the other day and Gawd
    She was annoying back then too! Let him go he is a douche!
    Pull up ur big girls pants and divorce his ass!

  • I Totally agree on that. You gotta let go of Ashton, he’s not worth it…there are lots of fish in the sea for you, much better looking men than Ashton. Look at madonna, he’s got a new boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat,24 yrs old and he looks hot too. Life goes on..and on. Be strong.

  • Always remember, you are Demi Moore, a diva, considered one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood. I am your number one fan. Mila Kunis is nothing compared to you. So, u better move on and be happy. Atleast you know now what kind of person Ashton Kutcher is…a plain user. There are millions of handsome men,go and search. At the end, you will have the last laugh. Goodluck.

  • Demi Moore, is too old for Ashton. He is not the problem, its her, she has always been demanding and bitchy, stomping her feet to get her way. I don’t like her, never did, and her acting is mediocre, go away Demi, please, your looking pretty pitiful.

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