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LOL If You Ate Just Like Gwyneth Paltrow It Would Cost You $300 Per Day

Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her specific and sometimes peculiar eating habits. Her latest cookbook, It’s All Good, is hitting bookstores very soon. You too can make egg-free huevos rancheros!!!

We’ve already learned that it will cost you more than $4,000 to keep up with Gwyneth’s spring fashion choices, but according to Yahoo! estimates, it will cost you $300 per day to follow Ms. Paltrow’s recipes to a T.

Via Daily Mail:

Starting with breakfast, a spinach and mushroom egg-white omelette came in at $28.27.

Two of the pricier purchases included olive oil spray, $6.29, and duck eggs, which can be hard to find, and in this instance cost $1-a-piece from an unnamed store.

The recipe does state that hen eggs can be used as a budget-friendly alternative, but Yahoo wanted to do it the way ‘Paltrow would’.

Next up, for a morning-to-midday snack, sweet potato and five-spice muffins are one of many stomach-fillers suggested.

Gwyneth, 40, writes that the ‘super-tasty’ treats are ‘always a smashing success in my house.’

But at $44 for a batch of 12, one would hope they did get gobbled up and not left to go stale.

Gluten-free flour, $20, and xylitol (a natural sweetener), $10, were items that pushed the price up.

Lunch was the costliest meal to make. Gwyneth’s chopped salad with tuna and roasted piquillo peppers was billed at $119.38 – making dining out a cheaper alternative.

For the Spanish salad dressing Gwyneth suggests quince paste or ‘good-quality raw honey’ and Yahoo opted for Manuka honey at $25-a-jar.

The vegan dish, which serves six, is priced at $32.50, with quinoa flakes, $6, and Maple syrup, $14, being the main cost culprits.

All of the day’s food was washed down with coconut water, at $5 a pop.

LOL IT MUST BE SO FUN TO BE GWYNETH PALTROW! If you want to see every recipe broken down into cost of ingredient, check out the Daily Mail. But really, you don’t need to, just sit here in awe with us, jaw dropped.

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  • Her target market must be those who earn $120,000./year and up. That’s an interesting choice of target markets.

    • kimcheee, food cost alone would be $109,500.00 per year & doesn’t include mortgage, utilities, savings, insurance, any fun money….. Gonna take a whole lot more than $120k per yr!

    • It must be lonely being such a hateful peasant constantly focusing on people who don’t give a rats ass about you.

  • What Yahoo failed to take into account is the fact that she probably isn’t using a whole 20$ bag of gluten free flour to make 1 batch of muffins, and I personally have never used an entire jar of honey to make salad dressing, and god help her if uses an entire 6$ can of spray olive oil for one omelet. I understand that many people still couldn’t afford to eat the way she does, but it seems foolish to pick on her using a fairly flawed data set.

  • Goop is whatever to me,but this article insults ME, the reader, because it la ks any measure of simple common sense. First, as a threshold matter, those ingredients dont cost that much. Gluten-free flour is less than $10 at Wal-Mart. If you’re to hate,at least hate based on uninflated facts.
    Even more to the point, unless you use a whole can of olive oil spray per omelette, an entire 5 lbs of flour for 12 muffins, or an entire container of honey and the entire jar of all spices for said muffins, making this stuff wont cost that much past the first trip to the store to stock the pantry. By these calculations, a bowl of cereal and milk would cost us peasants about $10 a pop because cereal is $4-$5 ( brand name, because I am fancy like that) and milk costs $5 per gallon (not organic, I got store brand bc I spent so much on the cereal), When you want to criticize the woman, at least use a scrap of common sense when you do it.

    • I was just about to make the same point. Yahoo’s estimations are plain inaccurate, even if you opted for a organic, gourmet version of each ingredient listed! How can you not see it? A large jar of raw local honey is $12 at my local natural foods store.

  • Gwyn doesnt shop at all, her assistant does, so yeah, Gwyn probably has food from Trader Joe’s in her house (Wal mart being less prevelant in LA).
    At any rate, Im sure Gwyn doesnt use a whole bag of flour to make 12 regular-sized muffins. If the muffins were meant to be the size of my head maybe, but the cookbook does not appear to have offered a recipe for skull-sized muffins. She’s not rich enough to change the laws of science, which generally require somewhere around 2 to 2.5 cups of flour for the chemical processes that combine to form regular-sized muffins. So, yeah. The article was extremely stupid.

  • I’m sure Gwyn doesn’t know what things cost. I have neighbors who haven’t looked at prices in years. They look shocked when you mention the rising price of food and say, “Has it really gone up?”

    It makes her look out of touch with our version of reality….like when Bush went to the grocery store and had never seen a scanner. lol.

  • This article is pretty terrible. I’m not a fan of any of these ingredients nor do I care for this particular woman, but that’s $300ish for all of those ingredients not for that day. A jar of honey like that could last you quite some time and be used in multiple recipes. Granted it’s still a bit pricey for my blood, but your over inflate in your article and really do yourself a disservice as a writer unable to pick up on the most obvious of facts.

  • Awww, quit complaining. Healthy eaters also eat less. Initial cost to cut gluten, sugar, and dairy out of diet can be costly, but food bills are less in the long run. Why is a $1 duck egg any more costly than a $1 bag of chips?

  • All of this pricing is wildly misleading and incorrect. For those of you that are complaining about Gwyneth’s recipes and not looking into the ingredient prices yourself, you might want to consider doing some research prior to posting such negative comments.

  • Great comments above about how silly and misleading this article is. In addition to her NOT using the whole $20 bag of flour for her muffin recipe, or the whole jar of honey (or the $6 bottle of olive oil to coat the pan for her omelettes) you can get more than a full pound of xylitol for $10 at the most expensive retail stores… and her recipe probably calls for a half a cup or a cup at most… so, again, stupid math in this article. She probably gets weeks worth of muffins from that $10 of Xylitol and the $20 of gluten free flour.

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