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Lindsay Lohan’s Pregnant! April Fools… We Hope

lindsay lohan

In what is either the worst April Fools’ Day prank or a cruel twist of fate, Lindsay Lohan has announced that she’s pregnant via her Twitter page. Of course, she technically tweeted it on April 2, which means she’s either really having a baby or she’s an idiot who doesn’t get the whole concept of the holiday. GOD SAVE US ALL.

Who wouldn’t want a stealing, lying, drug-addicted has-been with a penchant for Botox and hipster music festivals as a mother? There’s so much wrong with this picture – and I know it’s probably not even true and her latest meth spree made her lose track of time and think it’s still a totally funny and Twitter-worthy joke, but my brain is about to explode. Who would the father be? How long does it take to detox a baby who’s born addicted to drugs as any child popping out of Lindsay Lohan would surely be? Will she try to use the pregnancy to get out of rehab? Is this real life?

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