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Old School Gossip! Jackie Kennedy And Nancy Reagan’s Former Hairdresser Dishes It

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Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Nancy Reagan, 2 of the fiercest of the First Ladies, were occasionally difficult and a little sassy in the salon. Their former hairdresser, Edgar Montalvo shares some stories.

From the Daily Mail via the New York Post,

She cursed just like anybody. I once told her, “Jackie, there’s a photographer behind your house,” and she’d say, “That son of a b***h!’

‘[Jackie] was wonderful. I found her to be a cool lady: pleasant, thoughtful, kind. Usually she’d bring a book and half a tuna sandwich [to appointments].

I brought her $2,000, $3,000 wigs and one $35 wig that looked the best out of all of them. She had really wiry hair, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at her.

While people saw her as an icon, she didn’t look at it that way […] she was very normal.

But apparently Nancy Reagan was a big ole bitchface.

Nancy was pretty rough. I didn’t find her to be pleasant. What’s the word I could use? Not obnoxious. Standoffish. Like the world owed her. That’s the impression I got.

I have nothing positive to say. Nothing. And she’s still alive.

Holy smokes, she is?! She is. She’s 91.

He’s also worked with Joan Rivers. Maybe he should help Nicki Minaj next.

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  • Dig it! More old school gossip please – still relevant. Even more so than the Kartrashians et al…

  • Edgar’s comments sound very authentic, although it’s the 1st time I’ve seen his name in connection with either of them. Nancy Reagan could come off as very haughty. When she was 1st Lady, she admitted to alternating between 2 hairstylists; her hair was always perfect, a short, but bouffant. According to WH narratives, she treated these stylists very well. She took them on trips abroad and made sure they were well taken care of.

    Mrs. Onassis was a first class act, she was known to appreciate the people who provided personal services to her; I think Jackie’s self confidence made it easier for her to accept people from other levels of life. Maybe the chemistry between “Edgar” & Nancy Reagan was just not good. Both these first ladies cared lots about appearance and I would imagine, had high expectations of their stylists. I am curious as to who Edgar worked for? It’s the 1st time I’ve seen his name come up.