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Beyoncé Is The New Face of H&M and Will Soon Take Over the World

beyonce h&M

Above is the first image for Beyoncé‘s upcoming campaign for H&M from the ‘Beyoncé as Mrs Carter in H&M’ collection. That’s right, Beyoncé is taking over the world. She’s got a new tour, new (sorta shitty) music and now a new fashion campaign. What can’t she do? Seriously, is there something she can’t do? Because I’d like to see it. She’s only starting her comeback and even as a massive Bey fan, I’m feeling overloaded already.

Anyway, she’s recorded a new track for the “epic fantasy”-themed campaign (whatever that means) entitled ‘Standing on the Sun’. It’ll appear in TV adverts and will hit the Internet in May. Beyoncé will also appear in H&M billboards and print ads so you won’t be able to shit without her face staring back at you from somewhere.

Here’s her statement:

“I’ve always liked H&M’s focus on fun and affordable fashion,” Beyoncé said. “I really loved the concept we collaborated on to explore the different emotions of women represented by the four elements – fire, water, earth and wind.

“It was a beautiful shoot on a tropical island. It felt more like making a video than a commercial.”

I think I’m not artsy-fartsy enough to be so deeply into fashion that I can get its “concepts”. The only concept I have of clothes is “I like this” or “That looks like shit” – that’s enough for me. Good for Beyoncé, though. She’ll have Blue Ivy‘s Harvard fund filled up in no time.

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  • “I’ve always liked H&M’s focus on fun and affordable fashion,” Beyoncé said. Oh, so that’s why she and her husband design shoes made of 4 different animals that cost a fortune.

  • Oh, and Blue Ivy will not go to Harvard, because with such patents, chances are she will not grow up to be very smart. Beyonce is almost an imbecile, she is so underdeveloped in the intellectual department. Have you heard her speak?! She probably doesn’t even believe in evolution, considering how religious she is. And even if the kid has some brain potential, in their world education and knowledge aren’t revered.

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