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Selena Gomez’s Mom Pushed Her to Strip Down For ‘Spring Breakers’

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Selena Gomez might seem like an unlikely choice (at least in comparison to say, Vanessa Hudgens) for a movie like Spring Breakers, which is a girly version of some of the debauched bro-centric shit out pretty often, and that’s because she totally is. Still, she was keen to get rid of her squeaky clean Disney image and while she was nervous about parading around in a bikini on film, it was her mom who convinced her that the project was worthwhile. Go on, Mom!

From E! News:

“She loves this kind of vibe,” the former Disney darling told me at this week’s Hollywood premiere. “She’s super into Indie movies and Indie directors…I think it was more of her pushing me and being like you should go for it.”

And from US Weekly:

“I wasn’t scared. I definitely wanted to do this,” she told reporters of deciding to shed her wholesome Disney image. “I thought it would be a great opportunity for me, and Harmony [Korine, the director] explained the movie perfectly and that’s the reason why [I chose to do the film].”

“I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into but while we were there, it was incredible to create and to play and it was liberating,” she continued at the Saturday, March 16 press junket.

I don’t really know a single thing about Selena Gomez, but I still like her because she got enough sense to get rid of Justin Bieber and seems to think his recent breakdown is totally hilarious, which it is. Spring Breakers is probably a terrible movie, but I guess I’d watch it if, like, a torrent came out or something. .

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