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Lindsay Lohan Skips Pre-Court Date Flight to Go See A Band Play But Now She’s Taken a Plea Deal

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Oh, Lindsay, never change. Or, you know, change before you’re in jail for life or dead or something. Apparently Our Lady of Zero Consequences (bringing it back!) was due to fly from New York to Los Angeles on Saturday night ahead of her mandatory court appearance today (Monday). The only problem? She decided not to take it and instead stayed in NYC to see some shitty band play at a nightclub.

Then shit got doubly crazy as she re-booked a flight for Sunday night which she GOT OFF just moments before take-off. The flight was an hour late to depart or something because of a gas issue and all the cocaine made her too paranoid to stay aboard and instead, she managed to get some idiot corporation (???) to donate their private jet for the Camp Clueless cause.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan will absolutely, positively be LATE for her trial TMZ has learned … and the judge could issue a bench warrant for her arrest on her first day of trial.

We’ve learned … the private jet that is carrying the infamous defendant is scheduled to land at 8:11 AM in Van Nuys, 20 miles from the courthouse.  That means at the time of touchdown — assuming she lands on time — she will have 19 minutes to get to the courthouse in the middle of rush hour traffic.  Translation:  No way in hell.

Sources tell us … the jet was delayed at JFK in NYC and didn’t go wheels up until 6 AM EDT.

There are 2 SUVs waiting at Van Nuys airport to take Lindsay and her entourage to court.

One more complication …. Lindsay left all of her luggage on her original commercial flight.  Someone has already retrieved the bags at LAX and has taken them to the Van Nuys Airport.  Lindsay will change clothes in the car.

One final thing … Guess how much the private jet costs?  $50,000.  Lindsay didn’t pay — The generous folks at Mr. Pink energy drink covered the tab.

Lindsay finally turned up for court this morning 45 minutes late and while I thought she would try anything to come up with another bullshit excuse to try and get out of trouble yet again, it seems like I’m wrong because just as I’ve been updating this story for the 900th time, she’s apparently accepted a plea deal just moments before the trial was going to begin. From TMZ yet again:

11:04 AM PT — It appears Lindsay has struck a plea deal with prosecutors, which is shocking because up until now … Lindsay has REFUSED to accept any punishment.

Our clue … Mark Heller’s co-counsel just grabbed a “plea form” from a desk and took it into chambers with him.

Well, okay. I have to ask, though – what in the hell is this girl wearing? Someone took her Liz Taylor role to heart…

lindsay arrives at court

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  • I cannot f*cking believe this. I mean, I thought this was really, truly time for her to pay the piper. I guess she’s gone straight to the top and just gives beej’s to Lady Justice. What about having to acknowledge in person that she waived her right to competent representation? I’m just… I don’t even… I give up. She’ll never go to jail. Ever.

  • I’m really disappointed … Did she even lose her License ? Does she get to pay any fines ?

  • She gets to do all this in New York because she wants to and who is footing the bill for this rehab? They say the police found booze in the car but no one tested her at the scene, I truly hate people who drink and drive. She looked pretty beat up today in court for someone her age. New York, she’s all yours, keep her forever and no, she will never go to jail or lose her entitled attitude if everyone keeps kissing her ass and telling her “this is it” for the 50th time.

  • Relax, kids. Lindsay will be in lockdown rehab for 90 days. That will be rough. Jennifer, you can’t just show the picture of the glitter-bombing; you have to talk about it. That was easily the funniest part of this whole fiasco. What’s wrong with you?