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No One Wants To Buy Magazines With Taylor Swift On The Cover

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Taylor Swift can sell albums but she can’t sell magazines. Magazines with Taylor Swift on the cover don’t move off the shelves compared to other celebrities. For example, Lady Gaga sold 602,000 copies of Vogue, whereas Ms. Swift’s cover only moved 329,371. We should point out though, as does The Gloss, that Gaga covered the September issue, Vogue’s most popular issue of the year. Also, Gaga’s fan base is probably a lot bigger; she has the most followers on Twitter, heads and shoulders above other celebs.

However…Adele‘s Vogue cover sold 410,343, still beating Swift by a significant amount.

And even more embarrassing, her Glamour cover (443,000 copies) was beaten by Lauren Conrad (500,000)! Lauren Conrad, seriously? Who are these people who care about Lauren Conrad? And here’s another little scoop:

She had already been booked for Cosmopolitans December cover when Joanna Coles came on as editor in chief of the sex-and-makeup monthly. Swift flopped, with the issue the weakest in a year that underperformed overall — she sold a little over a million copies, or 20 percent below the six-month average that ended in December 2012. Swift was even outsold by actress Zooey Deschanel, who took the dubious honor of having the year’s second-worst seller.

In all fairness, Cosmopolitan sucks.

So what’s the…issue here? (SEE WHAT I DID THERE, WOW!) Why isn’t her image selling? Are people, specifically women, sick of Taylor Swift? Do her fans not buy magazines? Are her interviews not interesting enough to read? Is it just too much Taylor?

Ms. Swifty Swift is currently on the cover of Vanity Fair and InStyle.

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  • I don’t know why anybody would buy magazines at all. The internet is where its at.All photos & news is on the web and interviews too.Laughing thinking Taylor had to sleep with somebody or blow one to get on the cover then nobody buys it so she sucked that one free. Her IQ is 13. People pass magazines on the way check out. Have no time or money($5.95 or 7.95 to waste on magazines-bad economy. Taylor sucked it free. LOL!

  • She does have it for her record though- to keep all magazines she appeared in and sucked to get in(counting blowjobs) She has over 200 magazines in her room with her on it. She’ll cherish those blows in her mouth forever& write 200 songs about sperm taste.

  • I think the problem, more specifically for Taylor, is that grown women buy magazines (I mean, not any women I know). The tweener fan base who loves Taylor, who paint 13’s on the hands they use to make heart-shapes, aren’t exactly Cosmo’s demographic. I was super into Cosmo when I was in my early 20’s having all the sex and thinking I gave the best BJ’s on the planet. Considering that girls now are 14 going on 24, the actual 20-something year-olds are legit over her. I bet if she had a Seventeen magazine cover it’d sell.

    • I came here to say this!
      Cosmopolitan is for women in their twenties. It’s full of “you should travel to this place, and put this stuff in your apartment, and carry these super expensive bags, and play with your boyfriends balls like this” – only few 14 year olds would pay their pocket money to read that.
      And especially the Vogue is just not for teenagers at all, since it’s one of the most expensive magazines and the articles don’t really meet the interests of middle and high school students.
      The fact that Gaga and Adele sell better to grown women is really … duh!

  • Her publicity people are ultimately to blame. At rock bottom, she’s a country-western singer who has gone out with a lot of famous guys and wrote some songs about it. That was O.K. for as long as it lasted, but she has “jumped the shark” and her tabloid fame time is winding down. She’s not the Flavor of the Month anymore.

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