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Taylor Swift Invites All Her Exes to Write Songs About Her

Taylor Swift is famous for writing songs about her Hollywood boyfriends and she gets a lot of stick for it, which is pretty stupid since she’s a musician and all musicians who write their own music write about their relationships. Anyway, if Harry Styles, John Mayer or anyone else has a problem with this arrangement, they can feel free to write their own songs about Taylor. Really, she won’t be mad!

From InStyle:

“I can take it. If I’m gonna write songs about my exes they can write songs about me. That’s how it works.

“I’m not gonna complain about it. I’m not gonna sit there and say, ‘I’m the only one who can write songs about this relationship’. It’s fair game.”

Way to be a good sport, Tay. I think the people who give her a hard time about writing about her boyfriends (or having so many of them) need to reexamine the motivation behind the sentiment. There’s principle and there’s execution. If you think her music is shitty and not well-written, fair enough – different strokes for different folks and all, and no one can tell you that your opinion is wrong because it’s yours and all. However, if there’s an issue because she takes her personal experiences and turns them into the art she makes, then get a f-cking grip because you must not be living real life, where EVERYONE does that.

I know I seem like a bit of a TaySwift apologist, and I’m not really – particularly because there’s nothing for her to apologise for. I just think she gets a really rough rap and if the shoe was on the other foot – if a man was doing the same things she does – it would not only not be talked about, it would be considered normal and probably be praised. Uh oh, watch out, Jenn’s on her feminist soap box again!

A couple more shots from Taylor’s InStyle shoot below…

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  • Unlike a lot of other songwriters, male and female, Taylor Swift comes off as annoying and needy. That is why people are on her case. She is desperate for attention and immature for her age, and it is obvious from how she handles her private and public life.

  • agreed with Mike.. also if a man wrote songs that were clearly about all his exes it would be a big deal. I don’t think it would be accepted at all.

  • I wouldn’t have a problem with Taylor’s source of inspiration if it weren’t for her little “clues” in her album lyrics–how she highlights or bolds certain letters to give you hints about who they’re about. That’s pretty shitty in my opinion; her partners have a reasonable expectation of privacy even if they date a songwriter.

    • Yes! See, this is what I mean. Other people write songs about their exes in order to make something with some substance, which is fine. Taylor Swift really wants you to know which famous person she is referencing. It’s not really about art and profound emotional catharsis with her. It’s just petulance disguised as art. She’s a liar of the highest order, too. Yesterday I read some quote online where she claimed she had only been in two relationships.

  • I agree with what Cait and what Jenn said. I do think Taylor has a right to create music from her personal experiences, no one cried when Justin Timberlake wrote Cry Me a Rivery about his famous ex, and hell he even hired a look alike for the video. But he didnt KEEP doing that. It was one song and he moved on. Taylor has a right to do what she’s doing, but people will get tired if this is the only thing she ever writes about. Does the girl have anyone else in her life besides these boys??

  • Agree with everyone else — I absolutely think if a male singer/songwriter did this, it would be viewed as slut-shaming or woman-bashing. I think it’s time that she wasn’t absolved of this kind of behavior because of her age (she’s no baby) or because of her girl-next-door-brand. The liner notes really are shitty. This schtick can’t last forever, can it? CAN IT???? :(

  • Considering this girl just said Tina Fey and Amy Pohler are going to hell for a joke about her at the Golden Globes, I’m going to go a head and call bullshit on her whole “I could take it” quote.