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James Franco Going To Broadway

james franco

James Franco is going to be in his first Broadway show. He’s going to play George in Of Mice And Men. Uh. Really? I’m surprised. I can see him more in a Mamet kind of thing. Or something more modern. And George isn’t even the standout role in that one. It’s all about Lennie. (“Tell me about the rabbits, George.”) Oh damn, my theater nerd is creeping out.

It’s all in the very early stages and no premiere date is set. According to they don’t even know who the costars will be yet.

There’s some good stuff happening in theater for TV and film celebs. Jane Lynch is going to play Miss Hannigan in Annie on Broadway, Mean Girls is becoming a Broadway musical, Emilia Clarke is naked for two seconds in a Broadway show to the delight of cultured theater perverts, and Tom Hanks is going to be in his first ever Broadway show in the spring. So, fun times if you’re into that. And have enough money and/or strings to pull to get a seat.

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