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Miley Cyrus Lost Her Damn Mind

miley cyrus instagram blunt weed

UPDATE: Miley denies having posted the photo in question via Twitter:

Miley Cyrus appears to have posted a photo of her smoking a blunt on her Instagram account. “It’s probably just a cigarette,” you’re thinking. Yeah, same here, until you read her caption with the photo: “High as fvck.”

If she’s playing the ole parlor game, “What Will Make My Publicists’ Heads Explode?” this is definitely worth 20+ points. They’re probably getting used to this, since she really loves posting borderline inappropriate photos of herself on her Twitter account.

She’s not shy about her love of weed. Remember when that video went around of her smoking pot with her friends/bandmates? I think the guy who is lighting her bong is a friend of mine. We’re all really proud.

I used to work in retail and Miley would come into our store all the time. She was nice as hell, would buy everything, hand me her black AmEx and say in her scratchy drawl, “I don’t even want to know what it is, I’ll just sign it.” Atta girl. She was really into Day of the Dead stuff.


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  • Except the tattoo on her finger matches… I could seriously care less if she smokes, but she just has to be smart enough not to take pictures like that. That’s all.

    • Maybe I need to clarify: she’s not like Rhianna, with her pro-pot stance. I’m just saying don’t let pictures like that exist if you’re going to need to back-track & deny them.

      • Completely agree. I don’t think anyone really cares, except aparents of young kids, but if she’s going to backtrack then don’t put it out there to begin with. Either own it or don’t show it.

  • she’s rich for life. not like it matters financially if she lets it all hang out now. fuck it – get it, grrrrl!

  • It blows my mind that people in 20-fucking-13 still think it makes them “SUPER COOL” to smoke weed. Who even cares anymore? It’s fucking WEED.

      • cause weed is that bad, right? Still don’t get the controversy about smoking pot. I can understand you should not drive under the influence, may it be pot or alcohol or even other things. But pot does not harm anybody imho.
        I live in germany and obviously it is forbidden here, but i really think its more harmless than drinking.

  • But she doesnt have an instagram so I dont know. It pretty easy to grab a pen and draw the two lines. I smoke flavored cigars that roll up like that. Would think it was real if you actually saw a face haaha.

  • I think that looks like a cigarette not a blunt. But hey girl puff puff pass that if it is! haha … She can easily get a medical marijuana card (they practically hand them out) and smoke all the weed she wants in Cali. Get over it! Give it time weed will be legal. As to the young fans thing, she obviously gave up that role model status once she quit Disney. Telling Miley to be a proper role model would be like asking Rihanna not to date Chris Brown. Not Happening.

  • Now we know why she acts so fucking brain dead all the time ! She is losing more and more brain cells everyday !!!! These celebrities don’t want to be judged then they put this garbage out for everyone to see their business !

  • I think she has over thought how to break away from being Gabbah Montana. I think we know that Miley knows about sex and other sexual things. We get it. She doesn’t have to try so hard to show she few up. I know she doesn’t care and its all about money, but you have given up your dignity and self esteem and you can’t get it back !! Think Miley before putting it all out there for everyone to see ! She has good music which didn’t need to be naked for it to sell. I don’t understand…

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