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Justin Bieber’s Would-Be Kidnappers Really Did Want to Sell His Testicles For $2,500 Each

You know how those two bros planned to kidnap, castrate and kill Justin Bieber last year before they got caught and went to jail? Remember how it was claimed that the suspects responsible for the plot – convicted killer Dana Martin and fellow inmate Mark Staake – wanted to sell his balls for $2,500 each? Turns out they uh, actually did.

From Digital Spy:

In phone calls obtained by KOAT 7 News in Albuquerque, Martin can be heard explaining to Ruane that Staake is “going to kill the pit bulls and you’re going to castrate them”, with “pit bulls” being the gang’s code word for Bieber, according to police.

The two then mention “hedge clippers” as their choice of instrument for the castration and agree on a price tag of “five large” for Bieber’s testicles.

A police report read: “When Mr Martin asked what Mr Staake had bought to castrate the victims, Mr Ruane stated that he had bought a pair of hand-held hedge clippers.

“In response to Mr Staake’s reluctance to follow through with the castrations, Mr Ruane stated he was going to do it and get ‘five large for each one I get’. Mr Martin confirmed that Mr Ruane was going to get $2,500 per testicle.

”Mr Martin suggested hiding them somewhere, such as the engine compartment, so as to avoid detection should they get pulled over.”

Ruane and Staake were arrested before they could carry out an attack on Bieber – believed to have been planned for after a show in New York’s Madison Square Garden – after Martin himself told police of the alleged plot.

Staake was arrested in Vermont due to outstanding warrants, while Ruane was later arrested in New York after police found murder equipment on his person

Martin, who has a tattoo of Bieber’s face on his leg, is currently serving two life sentences in Las Cruces prison, New Mexico for rape and murder.

First of all, I love that anyone cares enough about this little insufferable idiot to want to go through so much trouble and end up in prison. Second of all, Justin’s fans are barely old enough to have piggy banks, let alone $2,500 to pay for one of his baby balls. Third of all, I never would have used “pit bulls” as a code name for Bieber – more like “chihuahuas” or perhaps “teacup poodles”.

In all seriousness, there are some sick f-ckers in the world who think shit like this and it’s sort of terrifying. I mean, hedge clippers? I don’t even have boy parts and that’s giving me phantom pains.

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