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Justin Bieber Thinks Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Him Needs a Good Slapping

Ugh, isn’t it just the worst when you want to ignore someone’s entire existence, but they keep insisting on being a total smacked ass at every available opportunity, making that impossible? Enter Justin Bieber, who is quickly becoming Chris Brown‘s top competitor for Walking Bag of Shit of the Year.

Alright, here’s the scoop. Apparently the drummer for the Black Keys, Patrick Carney, made a comment a few days ago that basically in so many words said that Bieber isn’t really a musician’s musician, as it were, but hey, at least he’s rich! He wasn’t just picking on poor, defenseless Justin, though. Instead, he was responding to the teen’s incessant whining about being passed over for any Grammy nods this year. Ugh. I know, right?

Carney’s exact comment is as follows:

“He’s rich, right? Grammys are for, like, music, not for money … and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy, I guess.”

I think what Carney said is partly stupid because he’s implying that only underrated bands who aren’t raking it in count as “musicians”, but I’m on his side because Justin Bieber is a whiny idiot and no one owes his pansy ass anything. Also, here’s a newsflash, Justin: you weren’t nominated because your album wasn’t any good.

Anyhow, His Royal Highness didn’t take too highly to the insult and lashed out at Carney via his Twitter page, claiming that a little violence would solve the situation. After all, who doesn’t beat up everyone who doesn’t like them?

Can anyone shut him up? It’s a shame Pattie Mallette didn’t take her son’s advice and bend him over her knee and ‘slap him around’ a little when he was growing up. Maybe then he wouldn’t have turned into such a douchebag.

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  • As Justin broadcast this juvenile horse shit to all his punks on twitter, it won’t surprise anyone when Patrick gets attacked by a Bieber minion. Even if he grew a pair and retracted his statement, it’s too late. I guess the Biebs can afford a few million when his saggy-assed pants are sued off. Should that be soggy-assed pants ? He’s such a baby.

  • These kids have to be responsible for all the stupid shit they do ! He has fucked up to many times this year and last year to even try and count ! His album sucked so he needs to deal with it and that doesn’t mean smoking more weed with his crew ! He’s losing more brain cells everyday and its showing ! Hopefully he’s a has been and goes away ! He’s had more fame time then we all needed ! Selena never look back :)

  • Every time this kid opens his mouth I just hate him more and more. Why isn’t any one keeping him in check!? Maybe if he got slapped around he wouldn’t be such a pretentious little douche bag.

  • Carney didn’t said “if you’re making money, you can’t be really musician”, he said that making money selling sounds doesn’t make you musician, but at last you’re rich.

    • Agreed. Also it’s the Black Keys vs. Bieber. Rubber Factory anyone? AmIright? If Bieber wants to start earning some cred he should have either not responded or responded with, “Hey! Nice rip Carney, and an even better record this year!” Gotta pour some sugar on it in this business.

  • The whiney brat wouldn’t know an instrument if it was shoved up his pretentious ass. Having other people writing songs geared for 10 year old girls DOES NOT make you a musician. Its pathetic when a snot nosed brat gets famous from whining, but us real musicians work YEARS at it. I cant wait for the brat to be 86ed

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