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Paula Deen Is Spray-Tan Crazy

paula deen spray tan obsessed

Paula Deen gossip? What? Right? But I found this absurdly adorable in an odd way. Sixty-six year-old recovering diabetic Paula Deen is obsessed with having a fake tan all the time. A source says,

Paula is thrilled about finally losing weight and she’s been hitting the spray-tan can like crazy in an attempt to look even better…but no one wants to tell her that she actually looks more like a pumpkin than a bronze beauty!

Oh dear. Well, baby steps, right? She’s getting healthy, losing weight, and being honest about the whole thing. The National Enquirer calls her, “TANOREXIC!” but that seems a bit extreme. I’m never really sure how I feel about using the word anorexia and twisting it for the sake of comedy, as in “manorexic” or “tanorexic.” Am I being too sensitive? Regardless, the important thing here is that Ms. Deen lost 40 pounds and sure doesn’t seem to be looking for it, AND launched “Paula Deen Foods” last year as part of her ever-expanding company. Although her Family Cruise Line didn’t go over too well. Some called it “a floating nursing home.” Still, it can’t be worse than the time she got Swine Flu.

Someone please just take our sweet Ms. Deen gently aside and tell her that she’s a lovely woman who should maybe reel it in a bit on the ole fake tan. Or, a lot. Like, a lot. And Dina Lohan. Someone give that talk to her too. I mean, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with Dina, but we should start somewhere.

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