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9Paula Deen Stricken With Swine Flew

Poor Paula Deen!  She was doing a good deed, helping out with Atlanta’s Hosea Feed the Hungry charity when — Bam!  Deen got thwacked in the head with a ham.

Now that a pig has officially flown (albeit into the face of a Food Network personality), I am lamenting yet another hyperbole I can no longer use.  See how I can make anything about me?

Okay, put down that stick of butter that you’ve anxiously been gnawing on; Paula is fine.  ”I thought it busted my lip, but it didn’t.  Ran head on to a hog.”

Paula Deen:  Swine Flew survivor.

November 24, 2009 at 5:04 am by Wendie
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9 Responses to “Paula Deen Stricken With Swine Flew”

  1. Susan says:

    Did you notice that in the background when she walked off her husband just stood their and took another ham ?

  2. LMH says:

    Hysterical caption Wendie! Sasha needs to give you a raise for that so early in the day.

  3. dan says:

    hysterical caption wendie, if i didn’t see it on already yesterday

  4. lolly says:

    i saw this on the news and i’ll say the same thing here, why is this newsworthy?

  5. Ben S. says:

    I think the disinterested “helpers” surrounding her, who went instantly back to looking bored, were the real heroes. I hope PD isn’t going to swear off ham.

  6. Nubia says:

    LOL that was so WIERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why where they play with ham lol so a girl got hurt big deal wahh wahh get over it

  7. lethermank says:

    Oh damn, it was an accident? I thought someone from PETA threw a ham at her because all of her recipes are so heavy on the animal.

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