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Kanye West Is Tired Of Being Made Fun Of For Wearing a Skirt

Kanye West has always been at the forefront of fashion, so it’s no surprise that he ventured into the ladies wear territory late last year when performing in a leather skirt at a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Did he look ridiculous? Of course. Did anyone really care about his stupid outfit when we don’t really care about Kanye in general? Not particularly.

However, apparently some people have been giving poor ‘Ye a hard time about his love of a crisp a-line, because he wants photos of him wearing the clothing to be removed from photo agency websites so people will stop making fun of him. Boo hoo!

From The Sun:

There hasn’t been a bigger champion for the man skirt than KANYE WEST.

But the US rapper seems to have given up on his one-man mission to make the clobber socially acceptable outside Scotland.

He’s asked picture agency Getty Images to delete every snap they have of him in his leather skirt at the Hurricane Sandy benefit gig last year.

The rapper got ribbed over the outfit by stars including CHRIS BROWN. Tellingly, his request came after rap rival LORD JAMAR posted a track online called Lift Up Your Skirt — an unflattering take on Kanye’s fashion fixation.

Lyrics include: “He introduced the skinny jeans to the rap scene/Then he wore a f-cking skirt on the video screen/Then he wore it again at a memorial/I can’t pretend this shit ain’t deplorable.”

Okay, first of all, no one has ever heard of Lord Jamar, and you kind of need to be on the same wavelength to be a “rival”, I feel. Second of all, Chris Brown dressed up like a member of the Taliban for Halloween (in addition to being the worst human ever created), so I doubt that’s much to be offended by. Doesn’t Kanye know about The Streisand Effect?

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  • lord jamar is a member of the rap group brand nubians ..hardly unknown to people who listens to rap

    he is not a rival he more like an elder who kanye listened too

  • Kanye’s leather skirt is equivalent to a kilt in the way that a denim jumper is equivalent to a sari.

  • Seriously, why is a man in a skirt so unacceptable that the backlash he received is making him pretend that moment never happened? Why is a man in women’s clothing so preposterous and laughable? What is so bad about a man wearing women’s clothing, when women wear trousers, suits, and ties? Nobody bats a fucking eyelash when women wear traditional menswear, and pretty much all Hollywood actresses have had some genderbending photoshoot that has been seen as beautiful and avant-garde. However, when men do it it’s a whole different thing, and it needs to be made clear that it’s tongue-in-cheek because haha they’d never put on a woman’s clothing seriously. Is it because being a woman is shameful, inferior to being a man? Thinking a man in a skirt is laughable means deep down you think being a woman is bad.

    • I believe it’s because it’s Kanye West doing the modeling and bloviating. He’s a complete nincompoop.

  • As a true Scotsman, after seeing the picture I wanted to reach into the screen and beat the shit out of him for it. Dumbass probably doesn’t even know what a code of arms is. Stupid rapper. Remember, you can’t spell crap without rap