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It’s OK, Kanye’s Just Wearing a Leather Kilt

photo of kanye west leather skirt pictures
Did you guys watch the 12-12-12 concert last night? I didn’t. I was on a cross-country flight with no internet access (I hate you for missing my flight, GoGo) and I thought I was going to die anyway. Probably right around the time that Kanye was fannying around in his girlfriend’s leather skirt while performing at the aforementioned concert, actually.

See, my plane hit some pretty wicked turbulence about an hour before arrival, and I had visions of tombstones dancing in my head—along with barf bags and my water bottle, both of which were dancing in the air around my head. The last thing I was worried about was whether or not Kanye West was wearing the fashion equivalent of punching myself in the face, you know? Priorities.

Later, when I landed, I found out that my connecting flight had been canceled because of “maintenance,” and had to rent a car to drive almost three hours more to get home. It was a really, really great night/morning, and when I saw today’s picture of Kanye West performing at the Sandy benefit in this outfit, I just knew that it was fate that my plane had landed safely. I mean, how could I have lived another day without this kind of experience?

Isn’t life so, so funny sometimes?

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