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Love It or Leave It: What the Hell is This, Kanye West?

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This is Kanye in Paris, and it must either be cold, or he’s got a rancid, raging case of facial herpes that he’s worried about the world seeing. I’m guessing it’s probably that second thing, because I don’t know about where you guys are, but it’s been damn cold here on the Mid-Atlantic coast of the United States. It’s been postively frigid, and I mean that when I say it, considering I’m originally from northeastern Pennsylvania, where a day of -2 is no big deal.

That all being said, I prefer to think that Kanye has a big old outbreak that he’s trying to disguise (and with Kim Kardashian as a girlfriend, that’s totally plausible), and not that he’s a big old weenie when it comes to weathering cold temperatures.

In any case, it’s totally ridiculous and I hate it. The end.

Kanye’s face wear: love it or leave it?

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  • It wouldn’t look so stupid if he had bought a balaclava that already had the eye holes in it instead of ripping a hole into what just looks like a giant toque.

    Also..I’m really sick of this stupid weather. I’m in Alberta, Canada and I SHOULD be used to the cold but I’M SICK OF IT.

  • why do you keep writing about him on this site? he is not even interesting. and he sucks. 100s of celebrities in this world and this is the guy you want to write about? everything this man puts on is trash. his girlfriend isn’t even interesting. you might as well fallow me around and take picks of me riding my bike to work and walking my dog. i can tell you my fashion is 1000 times better and i have so many good story about crazy homeless junkies.

  • Maybe he’s trying to hide is face because he doesn’t want to be seen with Kim !!! They are both huge pieces of shit and I wish they would cover both of their ugly ass faces and go away far far away ! One makes me sicker then the other !! They are the two most selfish people on the planet and they deserve each other but I wish they would just go away because they are not worth the air they breathe !!!!

  • My two cats were just fighting over a feather toy, and one scared off the other so bad that she jumped into a trashcan from fright, which subsequently scared the other cat and made her scatter. Now, after a thorough investigation of the trashcan, they have decided they would rather play with it than with the toy that originated the drama. Thought everyone should know.

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