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Lady GaGa Wants Fluffy Pink Pubic Hair On Tour

Lady GaGa – aka Queen of the Universe – is a f-cking weirdo. You know it, I know it, Milo knows it, the grass growing in the garden knows it… you get my drift. While many might defend her eccentricities as ~*avant garde*~ and of too high an artistic standard for our pea sized brains to truly comprehend, I just think she’s done too many Class A drugs and is more than a little chemically unbalanced. Therefore, it should be no surprise that for her Monster Ball tour, the Lady herself created a rider that even my wildest dreams could not have concocted.

While there’s a lot of standard stuff (posters of Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday and David Bowie, specific food & liquor, fan art from her Little Monsters – gag me), the best part is a particular requirement she has for her dressing room: a “manquin [sic] with puffy pink public [sic] hair”. I don’t even want to know what she does with that.

Celebuzz got hold of the entire rider – plus some emails from GaGa’s former assistant Jennifer O’Neill (the one she’s in a lawsuit with currently) and put them up for all to see, and some of it is rich. Here’s a sample below:

Not sure why it’s so difficult to spell lavender, but I’m with her on the fluffy towels, preferably fresh from the dryer.

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  • She’s not weird at all, I find her to be about as avante garde as a piece of lint. I think saying she’s chemically unbalanced is giving her too much credit to be honest.

  • Would have been nice if the author of the VERY IMPORTANT rider would have bothered to proofread. They can spell “grenache” (although it should have been capitalized) and “Guacamole” (though it should not have been capitalized) but can’t manage plurals – “mug’s” and “spoon’s.” Highly unprofessional. But maybe that is what happens when your boss wants puffy pink muff.

  • I could go to town on that spelling but my fellow beets have already done that. How embarrassing!!

    Ps. I really hope they billed her for the “white leather couches”

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