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Blind Items: Taylor Swift is a Beard Again

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From Blind Gossip:

This cute young celebrity is in a tough spot. He wants to live as his real self, but he is part of a group that could suffer if his image changes.

Here’s the situation: He is gay. He has always been gay. But the role he has to play is one which girls would find attractive. So for the past couple of years, he has been pretending to be straight, and pretending to enjoy girls idolizing him.

Now he is growing increasingly uncomfortable with that role. He is frustrated that he can’t openly date guys his age. He is not the only one in his group of colleagues who feels this way. However, for now, he is the only one who has been pushing management to allow him to be the “The Gay One”. He really wouldn’t mind that label at all. The others are trying to stay out of the controversy. While they are privately supportive of him, they are content to play the public game of pretending that they are all straight as long as the paychecks keep rolling in.

His management team – which is substantially older than him – vehemently opposes his coming out. They have made it very clear to him that they are there to sell an image, not to cater to his personal desires to come out. They believe in the more old-fashioned “girls are only interested in straight boy celebrities” school of thought. They don’t believe that a gay young celebrity will sell. They are so convinced of this that they have warned him that if he goes rogue and announces that he is gay, and fans tune out… he will lose his job.

It’s Harry Styles, right? One Direction and Harry Styles? Who else could it be? It’s not as if there are any super-mega popular boybands out there these days, unless you count Backstreet Boys, but I think that ship has sailed for a variety of reasons. One, they’re not spring chickens anymore, guys. Two? Didn’t one of them already come out as gay? Wait, no. That was *N Sync—Lance Bass. Alright, not the Backstreet Boys.

I’m going to go with Harry Styles, because that’s the easy thing, and when all else fails, you go for easy, right? Isn’t that why he was “dating” Taylor Swift to begin with?

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  • What about that guy from “The Wanted” (isn’t that a boyband, too?) currently “dating” Lindsey Lohan??? She is so drunk/ high/ whatever all the time, she probably wouldn’t have known what went on the last night…

  • I wish so much that someone had filmed these two people for the duration of their relationship. It sounds absolutely hilarious. A narcissistic, clingy, serial dating, pop-country star obsesses over a British boy-band member while remaining oblivious to the fact that he is gay because she is too busy talking nonstop about antiques and making fun of his genitals.

  • You know they don’t actually say it’s a boy band they just say “group”. It could mean the cast of one of those teeny bopper tv shows like the Vampire Diaries or something.

      • Well, just because he looooves touching other boy’s genitals it doesn’t make him gay, does it? Oh wait … :D Haha.

        Taylor Swift has been bearding so many times now that it really makes me wonder about her sexuality.
        Maybe she’d be less annoying if she had some sexy time with a straight man every once in a while. Or maybe she’s not too much into man after all, but since she’s a country singer that makes money from singing about the guys she dates, her management team won’t have any of that lesbianism.
        Either way, I think girlfriend needs to get laid. Big time.

    • Okay, so I tried to stay away, but couldn`t. The kid is driving me insane. I love him, but have come to dread Uno. That said, that is a lot of crotch fixation and grabbing on the link. Even the picture with Taylor Swift up top of the story is pretty damning given the total lack of interest on Harry Styles` face after seeing him lit up with smiles touching his bandmates` junk.

  • Who cares if he’s gay !!!! I would hope now a days it wouldn’t matter !!!!! But the press tries to make such a big deal out of it and get a rise out of people that it does become a big deal !!!! That’s why these poor kids become train wrecks !!!! Just leave them alone !!!! Do you listen to their music because they are good and have talant or because their gay or straight ? I don’t even know one song they sing I’m just saying sometimes I think the press just needs to mind their own business when it comes to their personal lives and just write about their music careers !!!! If not we are gonna end up with another lindsey lohan on our hands :(

  • harry love all girls watch his interview he is flirt with girls. he is a obsess with girls.
    maybe he likes both? he likes when he goes naked. he does it lot i think he say all them got naked when he tell them too. he comfortable with himself and not care of restriction like hug male. so might be his free act to hold boys pant and he does the silly act to be odd in interview. they weird boys they do silly act to be funny like they bark like you dog in interview.

  • He IS the most attractive of them. And the only one whose name I can match up to a face. I remember, because his name is “Harry” and he has the best hair of the group.

    Wait, no, there’s one named Nial or something with a great appearance but, like, monster teeth. Right?

  • I’m so glad you actually have a post about this! I thought you believed the mass media about him being some girl crazy dude. That link isn’t really proof of much, the better proof comes from those vids and pictures where he thinks no one is paying attention to details. Look up “you just have to pay attention” on youtube