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It’s Over: Liberty Ross Cuts Rupert Sanders’ Cord

photo of liberty ross and rupert sanders pictures
Oh did you guys hear? Liberty Ross is finally done with Rupert Sanders. I mean, it only took her six months or whatever, but hey! She finally filed for divorce after all that Kristen Stewart cheating!

It happened yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles, Ross asking for joint custody and spousal support. Rupert filed his counter-petition and is amiable to the joint custody, but is also requesting that he and Liberty split the legal fees. Isn’t that so, so nice of him? I mean, come on—let’s cheat on our spouses and then when they (rightfully) file for divorce, tell them that it’s going to cost them, too. Totally makes sense.

Good luck, guys.

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  • A grown woman, able to work, asking for spousal support makes less sense to me than splitting legal fees.

  • I can see spousal support. She moved from England (where most of her work is) to the US and has two kids to take care of. Maybe she doesn’t want to work as much because she wants to be there for the kids in a hard time like this.

  • And after all that flowery, mournful begging by Rupert! Touching, wasn’t it? It wasn’t “heartfelt”, but turned out to be (surprise, surprise)”bank account felt”…as usual.

  • I would take him for everything he has after he humiliated me with that skank Kristen !!!!!! He deserves everything he gets and more !!!!!

  • THIS is what is going to taint Kristen. If they had reconciled it would have faded away. Now that a family is split up I think it’s going to have a lasting effect on her career. She isn’t a brilliant actress and she has a bad attitude. I think whenever she gets a part ppl will wonder if its because of the casting couch.