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Jennifer Lawrence Didn’t Do All That Well on ‘SNL’

Some might say that it’s safe to say she completely bombed, and hey. Just in time for the Oscars, too.

Couple questions and comments I have for Jennifer girl and ‘SNL’ at large:

—That opening monologue. Oh God. There might as well have been someone standing three feet in front of her, prompting her to read off a card. Awkward.

—Second, I don’t really get why it was OK to trash the other Oscar nominees in a skit that … well, gosh, it just wasn’t all that funny.

—Last. I know we kind of said this already, but that was just horrible. Horrible.

… Somewhere, Lindsay Lohan snickers through her cocaine-snorting, choking on the powder and hocking up a big loog. She spits it out and calls it “Jennifer Lawrence,” adding it to the expansive loog collection that she has and features loogs called “Amanda Bynes” and “Paris Hilton.”

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  • Sarah is it that time of the month? Poor thing. Jennifer was fine. Not the best material but she made do. You on the other hand are just miserable, insignificant and jealous. Even your picture is a cry for help. How about I come over, we have a few drinks and I screw the misery out of you? I’m just sad to see this much sexual frustration.

    • LOL I’d comment on how pathetic you and your comment both are, but I’m afraid that would take time I don’t feel like wasting on someone as insignificant and faceless as yourself.

      • Oh Sarah. *facepalm while shaking head*

        You know better than to be trolled by the “make meh uh sammich!” guy. *chuckle*

        Someone like him/her likes to be grumped at. Responding in a nasty way shows it that you’re angry. The LOLs generally don’t hide nasty.

        The cheapest and poorest argument is ad hominem. Ad hominem without example(s) is a child shouting “POO POO HEAD!”.

        People like that come from a few places. Like:

        – Marketing/publicity for JL or SNL
        – Someone that IS miserable and insignificant
        – Someone that is jealous of your promotion or whatever
        – Someone that is testing you for something real or imagined
        – Plumb Loco

        I mean, you’re obviously smart, talented, young, and blessed in pretty much every way. You have a good job coming up. (That you deserve.)

        Of course, EVERYONE makes mistakes. You’re favored by only grumping at Licorice or whatever.

        So, if you’re having a bad MLK day, cheer up!

      • Pirate, I agree with everything you’ve so eloquently stated. However, there is that one person in 5000, who needs to be “bitch slapped” off a barstool.

      • @ Chaz


        Yes, in every crowd there be idiots.

        The best thing to do, however, is use unconventional paths to irritate them. Attacking at some people head on is exactly what they want you to do.

        Do what the other guy can’t counter well. Basic military (or 4X if you prefer) strategy. Works fairly well in tactical situations.

      • Right back at ya Sarah!

        (Doh. My fan, Julia, is catching up with me. Forgive my finger-smashing apostrophes.)

      • Your reply in itself was wasting time which you just said you didn’t feel like doing. Not the brightest eh?

    • if i remember correctly . hasn’t Evil beet alway been positive about Jennifers weight and called her healthy looking.
      This is not JL hater post but honest review

  • Honestly the material she was given was just terrible. I can’t blame it all on her although she tends to be a bit too over the top. The thing about her brothers beating her up is getting so over-played. Ouch she was bad.

    • THANK YOU! i’m pretty sure it was more about the material than her…honestly the only reason I bothered to watch this episode because i wanted to see how she’d do-the material they wrote for her in the opening was HORRIBLE even if she delivered it a little better it still was the WORST i don’t know how the audience managed to force convincing laughter

      also-the only person who did worse than Lindsay Lohan was Charles Barkley but at least dude tried, really don’t think Jennifer Lawrence did too poorly

  • Jennifer was okay here considering the material…but I’ll tell you something. She wasn’t as good in the SLP as I hoped. The whole movie was just so…unlikely. So I’m not so sure she’ll win that Oscar anymore.

  • Yes lets blame JL for the lame writing SNL stuck her with. Did they actually pay you to write something? If this was it, I will say you bombed worse than JL.