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Everybody Loves Adele (Except Taylor Swift)

Probably my favorite time of awards season is when Adele wins something. This is for a couple reasons: one, it means that the world is, at times, anyway, fair and good and smart enough to award this goddess, and two, it means that Adele will accept the award. And Adele gives the best acceptance speeches.

Take that one up there, for example. Adele won the award for her song “Skyfall,” as she should have, and she accepted it in her usual charming way. And everyone loved it, because everyone always loves Adele. That is, everyone but Taylor Swift. If you watch the video through the part where the camera cuts to Taylor’s reaction, you can see that she very much does not love Adele.

Oh my god, but just look at her bitchy little giggle. Ok, now look at it again. I just watched it like twenty times in a row, and it still hasn’t gotten old. Is there a GIF yet? YES:

I’m so glad we could share this moment together.

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  • This is the best GIF I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing. This is what I see every time I see Taylor. She seems to be the most psychologically screwed up star I’ve ever seen! I think she is CRAZY. . . . . like a psychopath.

  • And you called Biebs “a little bitch.” Wow. She totally thought she had that one in the bag. I wonder if she was gonna let the Civil Wars touch her award?

  • I wonder what Taylor is most jealous of? Adele’s voice, winning personality, or beautiful bust that her anorexic ass could never attain without implanting some silicone sacks?

    • What I keep coming back to in my mind is how strong she started out. I have never been a fan of her anti-feminist “music” given it contradicts everything I stand for, but in the beginning she seemed so fresh, so normal, and now… she has become a caricature of herself, just pathetic. Jealous of Adele’s talent, yes, and her baby, her happy marriage, her self-esteem, her body confidence and ability to laugh at herself. My vote for the next Britney-esque breakdown is Taylor Swift. On the surface, an odd choice but the girl needs a break away from the public eye and dating. Britney on the other hand needs a really good girl friend, a sandwich and a hug. Just my opinion.

    • How rude to bring bust size into it, both towards Adele and Taylor. Of course, Adele’s voice and winning personality are in the same categories as her lovely bust. Equal value and all. Geez.

      Anyway, Taylor is pretty bitchy-looking. Envious of the AWARD most likely.

  • Taylor is creepy. She has pure envy written all over her face. Whoever makes the mistake of marrying her had better get their life insurance in order.

  • what’s with all the hatred for taylor swift? you all think you know exactly what she’s thinking with her one little giggle. talk about creepy stalkers. maybe she didn’t feel well. maybe she’s bummed she just broke up with her boyfriend. maybe she WAS sad she didn’t win. she’s human. maybe she laughed really joyfully just before (or after) the camera panned to her. you guys are all so mean and judgmental. why is that?

    • Not sure how long you have been reading here for, but this is pretty much a snarky celebrity gossip site. Like, sometimes there’s really cute, mushy, feel-good crap, but a lot of the times? It’s snarky. So, basically, THAT is why everyone is being “mean” and “judgmental”. Of COURSE she might have been laughing genuinely right before that clip, but in that clip? Well, she looks like she’s a jealous little brat, with more than a dose of crazy.

  • C’mon guys, it’s not like Taylor is the first celebrity to get a jealousy filled bitch look when they lose an award. Some stars have a full on freak out.

  • Ohhhh I see. I see. Taylor Swift was up for an award. And she didn’t win it, due to Adele’s being also nominated. And Adele wins everything, hence Taylor Swift’s little huff. She was probably thinking, “Heh. Of course she won it,” because of course Adele won it. No surprise. I’d feel the same way. Not that Adele’s not amazing, and not that she doesn’t deserve the award, but it’s almost ridiculous to go through with this farce of having other nominations since everyone knows Adele’s going to win it.

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