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By Popular Demand: Minka Kelly Pre- and Post-Plastic Surgery

photo of minka kelly pictures before and after surgery pic
Whoa, girl—whoa. How many here prefer Minka Kelly’s old face as opposed to her new one? Lord.

If you wanted to know, however, what Minka‘s been doing lately, it’s just this: not much. Ever since she broke up with Fez or whatever, she’s pretty much been off the radar. Last night she was photographed at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood with her new boyfriend, Chris Evans, looking … well, looking like that second photo up top, and not so much like the first.

What has Minka gotten done on her face, guys, besides—you know—everything?

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  • If you would post pic from 2013 Sean Penn and Friends Help Haiti Home Gala you would see her face is botox from hell. I know hair and makeup matters but please!! Just google her when she dated Donald from scrubs 2004-2005 before you comment on hair and makeup trix.


    You know when you see someone for the first time and think “that might be the prettiest person I have ever seen!” Well, that was me with Minka and Friday Night Lights.

    Now? WOW. What a f*cking shame!

  • psssh, her facial structure is exactly the same, she’s just more famous and therefore has better hair and makeup!

  • Can some sane person please tell me why beautiful women do this? The devil’s son must be spreading bad mojo that makes naturally beautiful women in HOLYwood to get plastic surgery?
    Even the 100% business minded porn stars like ,Jenna Haze and Sasha Grey understand you don’t f_ck with the product if its selling like hot cakes. When they get old ,hit 30 yrs, they retire or become directors,and producers. Only the stupid/addicts get enhancements and become a joke.
    A little bit of me died knowing what Minka looks like now 2013?

  • i think in the next 3 years she will do all the reality tv routine, isnt there a sex tape out there? Maybe nobody is buying it because it was pre plastic surgeries