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Taylor Swift Is Already Recording Songs About Harry Styles

A photo of Taylor Swift

THIS BITCH. Ugh. I’m going to have to take a minute, so let me just go ahead and show you why so that you can take a minute too, and then we’ll come back together:

THIS BITCH. Seriously? Harry Styles must have done something really, really awful to get Taylor riled up like this. I’m starting to definitely believe that story about how he was the one who broke up with her after she got too clingy and possessive. Wouldn’t that just tear her to pieces? She’d be going along, thinking the relationship was perfect and everything was wonderful, but in reality she was being her usual crazy self, and he couldn’t take it. That’s what I’m leaning towards. Well, either that, or she caught him cheating.

Anyway, I just can’t believe how often this girl treats her music like a threat. That’s all.

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  • I think Styles wanted some press. Once he found out what it would cost him he dumped her… Some crazy isn’t worth it.

    • I think he dumped her because with her 80.000$ gift his Beatles collection is now complete and he doesn’t need her anymore…

  • Can we get to vote who do you write about? Or not write about? Because I’d love to vote Taylor and Kim K out of this site for a year.
    Taylor could stay for the times she dresses really cute, but no love life, please.

  • I have no idea why any guy will go out with her after seeing or rather hearing her passive-aggressive attitude towards guys. She somehow reminds me of mark wahlberg in the film “Fear”. She’s crazy.

  • i just don’t see why she can’t date someone for realsies instead of picking famous dudes so she can write about how they “wronged” her – i honestly think she dates guys and acts crazy so she can write some more songs! if she needs more material she could refer back to her middle school diary (or has she already?)

  • I think she’s actually gay, these guys are all either gay/in need of press and they help each other out.