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Does Lindsay Lohan Have A New Face?

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Ok, that photo is of Lindsay Lohan on New Year’s Eve, definitely not partying. Take a look at her face. It’s the same one we’ve seen for a good while. Got it?

Now look at this:

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

That’s one of the very first photos of Lindsay taken in 2013. TMZ posted it, along with the headline “Shocking New Year’s Transformation,” but I don’t know. It looks like she got a decent amount of needles stuck into her face to tighten and smooth and creep or whatever, but I wouldn’t really call this “shocking.” Let her lay low for a few weeks and then come out with a Michael Jackson nose, Courtney Stodden boobs, and a Nicole Kidman forehead, then we’ll talk.

How does she look though? Honestly.

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