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You Will Never Guess What Rihanna And Chris Brown Did for New Years

A photo of Rihanna

That’s a photo that Rihanna posted on Instagram yesterday morning. She wrote “Good morning! Still haven’t slept lol #hello2013.” Take a good look at it. Look at all the details, all the surroundings. Got it?

Now here’s what Chris Brown posted yesterday morning:

A photo of Chris Brown

That is the very same blanket that Rihanna is snuggled up in! SHE IS RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. I see what you did, you tricky tricksters, and I am not amused. Not one little bit.

Obviously, they knew people would put this together, which makes me feel lame for even talking about this. But it’s frustrating, and if I don’t get it out here, then I won’t get it out at all, and I just can’t live with that kind of negativity inside me. Why can’t they just take a picture of both of them in bed together, why does it have to be this puzzle piece shit? Why can’t they just make an announcement that they’re together and be done with it?

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    • Don’t forget the great view of the beer keg tap right at the foot of their bed.
      Maybe Chris will get drunk enough to slap the shit out of her again. Bet she won’t tweet that! She is truly a mental midget.