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I’m Sure Lindsay’s Coked Out of Her Mind Here

photo of lindsay lohan fur coat london pictures
And God, I hate myself for even saying this, but doesn’t she look good here? With the obvious exception of that horrific coat she’s wearing, Lindsay looks good, and I don’t even know how that can be possible despite all of the things that she’s done to her face and her nose and her hair and her teeth.

Lindsay, as I mentioned yesterday, is taking up space in London, and for what? Well, some sources are saying it’s to be “close” to her “boyfriend,” Max George of the Wanted, and others are saying, “Because she has no real friends anywhere in the U.S., so why not try abroad?” One thing is for sure—Lindsay’s telling people that she’s, like, totally staying in this New Year’s Eve, because she has positively no interest in getting herself into any kind of situation where she might have to punch a girl in the face, snort some cocaine off of a toilet seat, or give road head to the Wanted’s limo driver in exchange for some real face time with the band. Sources say that she’s planning on a “small, quiet dinner in London” preceding an intimate gathering at her hotel, strictly for family and friends.

Happy New Year, Lindsay Lohan. Can’t wait to see what kind of f-ckery you have in store for us this time around.

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  • Her nose looks like it’s been working overtime. My wish, if the fur is real, that the animals that had to be skinned for her, could come back to life and bite her blow hole off. Since she makes sure her picture is plastered everywhere, she’s fair game for criticism. Hope the dog doesn’t eat her passport when she needs to get back home to court.

  • I had a very disturbing thought looking at the photo. “She’s kind of pretty.” WTH? Are you sure they don’t have a “double” to appear while Lindsay is too drunk to stand?

  • Well I hope evilbeet is having a wonderful vacation because I, like most of the modern world, was curious about the Kimye baby and had to resort to another website for the scoop because it’s all LL here. What has happened to this site? What happened to Sasha?

    • Piss off ya goofy hag….you and most of the modern world can kiss my ass! Seriously, if a story about KK and the anal-wart who impregnated her is at the top of your “to do” list, you should probably rethink your worthless existence. Btw, Sasha sold the site & its better than it ever was….except when Sasha had her psychotic-meltdowns, that was entertainment!!! Oh yeah, about this story…. ROAD HEAD RULES!!!,,

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