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Lindsay Could Probably Sell That Fur to Pay Rent if She Still Needs To

photo of lindsay lohan pictures fur coat pic
What’s Lindsay‘s deal these days, guys? Does she think that we don’t know that she’s broke or something? Because duh, we know, and she only looks foolish when she goes out in public in these elaborate outfits (either borrowed or stolen) and elaborate jewels (also either borrowed or stolen). It’s like the poor old bag lady, God love her, who picked up the Louis Vuitton bag that fell off the back of a truck one day and ran for it and who parades around with it banging around against her rumpled clothes and pee-smelling shoes. We know, OK?

At any rate, this is what Lindsay Lohan was wearing while entering the Dorchester Hotel in London, and just so you know, the cheapest room you can book at the Dorchester will set you back a cool $318 GBP per night, which is roughly $513 USD. Per night. Don’t know about you, but if I couldn’t afford to pay to keep my rental home, I sure wouldn’t be yukking it up in a hotel that costs double per day what it would cost to just pay the damn $8k a month in rent, good lord.

But hey—Lindsay’s looking all sorts of “great” and she’s probably super “proud” of herself, so we probably “shouldn’t” knock her off her wobbly-ass pedestal, right?

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  • She’s wonderful advertisement for stuff.

    I could understand why they drape her with that junk.

    And likely install GPS trackers. (joke)

    I’m not hearing anyone whining on how she’s plastered in animal furs. Is this not a real fur coat? (I dunno)

    But, personally, I’ve stayed in hotel rooms that expensive (and more). $1500+ to me is pretty pricy and I’ve never paid that much. We do rent a hotel suite that is that expensive for a super bowl party though.

    The ambiance of a good hotel is what you’re generally paying for and it is a question of the experience’s worth.

    As for her place, why the hell would she rent; especially at that price? If she couldn’t buy it, why did she rent it? A house is not a car.

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