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Nick Stahl Pulls a Fred Willard, Gets Arrested in a Porno Store

photo of nick stahl masturbating pictures
Looks like we found out where Nick Stahl was this whole time after all—he was flogging Molly in a porn store!

No, but seriously, Nick Stahl was found after all that time, and it turned out he was laying low so he could head into rehab. Good, solid choice if you’re Nick Stahl, but not such a good, solid choice if you happened to be one of the people who grew concerned over Nick’s whereabouts. Also not such a good, solid choice? Nick Stahl’s decision to hang out in a porno booth on long, lonely nights when there were no ladyfriends to be found anywhere.

According to TMZ, Nick Stahl was busted in a Hollywood skin store around 6 PM last night during a “routine” law enforcement check. Nick was found in a private viewing room, doing his thing, and was arrested and booked for lewd conduct on the spot. Sources are also saying that Nick was popped by the very same officer who arrested Fred Willard back in July for the very same incident.

I’m not going to say that I want to shake this officer’s hand or anything (because oh God, I don’t want to shake this officer’s hand or anything), but I’d sure like to know more about his innate radar for public masturbation, because wow. That’s some pretty impressive shit right there.

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  • That’s one of those eerie celebrity coincidences like the same coroner for MJ, Anna Nicole and a few others. How does it always end up like that? o_O

  • He’d actually have to do something pretty bad for me not to love him. I think he’s an amazing actor. He was so sublime in Carnivale. Pure passion. Highly recommend it.

    I mean could this be more embarrassing than Quentin Tarantino getting outed by some malevolent groupie for having a flaming foot fetish?

    Also, poor PeeWee Herman was one time followed and outed by some redneck cop for jerking off in a cinema….

    Such bogus bullshit.

  • You know I think like give the guy some privacy if he wants to do the peep show thing how is that any worse than going to the strippers? and public? he was in a private viewing area, like what are peep shows not legal in america? I’m pretty sure I can buy some tokens for a few bucks worth a few minutes of my fapping time… but those places are creepy I’ll stick to internet porn thank you very much

  • I agree with Kace. How is being in a private room, in a private business, any different than masturbating in your own home?

    What’s next? Arresting people for drinking in bars?