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Cue LeAnn Rimes in a Sexy Mrs. Claus Getup in Three … Two … One …

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That’s it. There’s really nothing else about Brandi here other than these sexy Christmas pictures, but of course, we do have some more LeAnn stuff to talk about because seriously, never in the world was there anyone who’d rather talk about Brandi Glanville and the Other Real Housewives than LeAnn Rimes. LeAnn Rimes is one of the most important ladies on the planet, and if she won’t let Carly Rose Sonenclar forget that, you can bet your ass that you’re taking something away from the experience, too, like that shit or not.

But anyway, hey—remember that song LeAnn wrote? The song that we talked about a week or so ago, ‘Borrowed’? The one where, you know, she discussed husband-stealing and how she was, of course, the one who was hurt the most by the whole experience? She’s talking about the song (again) and now she’s relating how she and her ill-gotten goods have “hurt” one another, too. Here’s what she said in a recent interview with ‘Extra’:

“I carried that song and that title around with me for about eight months. I was afraid to write it because I knew I had to be incredibly personal. When I did, it was through a lot of tears. I actually was scared to put him in the song, because it does talk about how we both hurt each other. There was a moment where we did have some hurt between the two of us that we had to accept and get over and move forward.”

So do you have all this straight, now, guys? She carried that song and title with her for eight months, and you just have no idea how hard it was for her to not cash in on this affair. What an admirable woman, am I right? She was actually so reticent to earn money from the one thing that’s gotten her the right amount of fame in the last decade that she cried and cried and cried when it was finally released. I just can’t imagine the pain she had to endure throughout this whole process. It’s gut-wrenching, if you ask me.

Don’t know about you guys, but I’d take Brandi and her Joker/fish lips over LeAnn and her myriad psychoses any old day, damn.

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  • What baffles me the most is that some media outlets(ie-Extra and US Weekly) acted like this was the first time that they had ever heard that Borrowed had been released or was about Leann’s affair with Eddie, even though 2 days before Extra did this interview, those very same media outlets posted 2-3 articles about it. It’s like they are trying to revive Borrowed because 9 days after it’s release to Itunes, Borrowed is at 81 on the Top 100 country Itunes list(people are saying that it’s 290s on the regular charts). But don’t think this is the last we will hear from Leann about Borrowed! She is shooting a video for “Borrowed” in January so get ready for the interviews, staged photos and twitpics from the sets and speculation of if Eddie will or will not be in the video!

    8 months? Try years. Leann hijacked “Borrowed” from Etta James’ 80s album The Seven Year Itch. Orginally “Borrowed” was called “Feel Like Breaking Up Someone Else’s Home”. Leann added in some lines(ie part about making love and telling his wife he loved her too). Leann honestly thinks that people will like this song, if she says that she was crying when she hijacked, oops “wrote” it?

    Leann, the same woman who made out with a still very married Eddie at a restaurant, his son’s soccer games, and humped on him right in front of his kids was afraid to “write” a song because it would be incredibily personal? She’s joking right? Why don’t these interviewers call her out on her lies?

    She was scared to write a song with Eddie in it, yet she wasn’t scared to set up back to back staged photo-ops featuring her make out sessions with Eddie? Again, why won’t these interviewers call her out on her lies?

  • “I actually was scared to put him in the song, because it does talk about how we both hurt each other. There was a moment where we did have some hurt between the two of us that we had to accept and get over and move forward.”

    This is how you know that Leann was drunk on XFactor. On what planet does she think it’s appropriate to talk about how the married man she was having an affair with her hurt her, especially when she was pretending to be friends with that man’s wife?

    So basically what Leann is saying is that Eddie “hurt” her when he refused to leave his wife, denied that he was having an affair with Leann even after the video and photos came out, showed up in public places engaging in heavy pda with Brandi, held Brandi’s hand while walking through airports, told Brandi that Leann was stalking him, and continued to sleep with Brandi even though according to Leann he said that he “loved” her(Leann must have heard Eddie wrong, what he said was that he “loved” her money).

    Leann hurt Eddie by exposing the affair to US Weekly and then leaking photos of herself with Eddie at a game to force Eddie to make a choice, her vs Brandi & his kids.

  • In the looks department Brandi wins hands down. Any holiday LeAnn pic does is bound to be frightening. They’re all bonkers though.

  • The hurt between them was when Ed told Leann she was just a FWB and to stop stalking him. Then he went back to sleeping with his gorgeous model wife and told Brandi that Leann was just another hole to stick it in. But you can’t keep a good stalker down for long, so Le kept at it until the first wife decided the best revenge was to let the jumpoff keep the cheating dog. The end

  • Wow. Leann posted ONE comment about Christmas. I was shocked to see that there were no “happy family” twitpics, staged “happy family” dining out or shopping photos, or a happy family Merry Christmas blog(although she wrote a ton of those before the X Factor fiasco). Leann made just one comment about how they were opening presents and she was making them pancakes. Either Eddie put his foot down or she has a very outrageous pr stunt planned. Or maybe I’m just jumping the gun and she hasn’t posted the twitpics because Sara and Joe are still trying to perfect them. Now if she would just remove all the photos and videos of Brandi’s kids that she put on that fan website and twitter!

  • I spoke too soon.

    This is what Leann tweeted: “Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, we did!!! Headed to Nashville w/ the fam to see my dad and bonus mom. Should be fun!! ”

    We all know what that means, STAGED happy family photo-ops at the airport with Brandi’s kids and Eddie. The kids barely spent Christmas with their mother and the next day they are flying off to another state to see Leann’s dad? Another week being pimped out by their stepmother and father! That’s should be fun, right? How many photos of the kids will Leann post to her website and to twitter just like she did when she took the boys on tour last week? Eddie is a lowlife for putting his kids through this. So now a trip to Nashville is supposed to make people think that Eddie doesn’t want out of the marriage? Leann really needs to lay low and stop the staged photo-ops. Why does Brandi allow the kids to go on those trips when it’s just going to result in her kid’s faces being plastered all over the internet and Leann’s blog?

  • Just as predicted the famewhores that are Leann and Eddie set up a staged “happy family” photo-op with Brandi’s kids at the airport today! She had her BFFs AKM-GSI take the photos and GG to write the fluffpiece, but before she did this Leann paid Radaronline to write a “Brandi didn’t attack Leann on Christmas” story. So once again, Leann attempts to justify her staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids by paying a media outlet to depict Brandi as the villian for daring to call Leann out for exploiting her kids.

    Why was it necessary for the famewhores Eddie Cibrian and Leann to call the paps for a trip through an airport? Are they that desperate to convince people that their marriage isn’t over or is taunting Brandi with her own kids the only thing they live for these days? Those kids are able to go through that same airport with their mother without being photographed once and have been through that same airport numerous times with Leann and Eddie without being photographed. Leann and Eddie are all about taunting Brandi and convincing people that their marriage isn’t over.

    In the staged airport photos Leann is just plain creepy, she has her hands all in the youngest boys hair and head. Both Leann and Eddie look drunk in the photos, but Leann looks like she is getting over a hangover. The oldest boy isn’t in any of the photos, so did Leann and Eddie have him excluded because he wasn’t cooperating with the “happy family” image? You can tell that Leann and Eddie use those paps on a regular basis because the youngest boy is waving and playing with them. What did she buy Eddie to make him sell out his kids yet again?Lizzy must also be on these trip with them.

    After what she did to Carly Rose, you would think that Leann would hold off on exploiting another woman’s kids. But then again Extra and US Weekly just had to encourage her bad behavior with their fluffpieces. Setting up the staged airport photo-ops with Brandi’s kids was the wrong thing to do, especially when some media outlets are still writing about what she did to Carly. When more media outlets post about this, the public is just going to slam Leann and Eddie even more.

  • Brandi needs to get her kids away from Leann and Eddie ASAP. The oldest boy was with them at the airport but he was hiding from the paps most of the time, in one photo you can see him in a corner trying to prevent the paps(who were invited by his father and stepmother) from getting a photo of him. The entire time, Eddie and Leann are smiling and made sure that the paps got even more photos of the youngest boy to compensate for what they couldn’t get of the oldest boy.

  • Whoa. Is Guest a friend of Brandi’s? Why are there four back to back posts? I do think Brandi’s kids are in trouble though. LeAnn is going to have a serious Glenn Close Fatal Attraction moment very soon.

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