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It’s Official: Chris Brown and Rihanna are Having Sex, Think We’re Fools

photo of Chris Brown and Rihanna Lakers game photos pictures
… Because we don’t believe in the power of love, of course. That’s why we’re fools, guys. We just can’t even see it. It’s as glaring as that stupid gold tooth in Chris Brown‘s busted-ass mouth, but there’s just no getting through to us. We just some dumb hos, and we should probably just let Chris Brown and his cronies shit in our corneas while he plays footsie with Rihanna. Fair?

This is Chris and Rihanna at yesterday’s Lakers game in Los Angeles, and if they don’t look all cozy and loved up, then I have no conception of what love really and truly is.

Also, here’s a photo that Rihanna posted on her Twitter yesterday, and unless you’re just one of the many simple-minded bourgeoisie that Chris and Rihanna are forced to encounter in their fabulous lives, this is their way of telling you that they totally just f-cked in that car. Totally. Me, I wouldn’t be going anywhere near and damn car with Chris Brown if I were Rihanna, but then you have it right there: I’m not Rihanna, duh:

photo of chris brown and rihanna sex car pictures christmas day pic
It’s totally obvious, what with Chris Brown’s pants hanging half off his ass, the shirtlessness, the bralessness, the post-coital cigarettes … I could go on, but I want you to be able to keep today’s breakfast down (and last night’s holiday meal).

Anyway. Here’s two special songs for Rihanna and Chris. I couldn’t decide which one really summed up their love, so I chose both, being the greedy bitch I am.

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  • What they need to know is that ultimately they are two consenting adults who can do whatever they want. But we will NEVER forget that he beat the shit out of her in a car. The photos exist. The hospital and police records exist. So if they want to have sex and beat each other up, just don’t get caught this time and make it our problem.

  • He’s sleeping with both of them to “help” their careers. I guess the multiple STDs are not a problem for any of them as they probably all visit the same pharmacists.

    Chris and Ri think they are Bonnie and Clyde. They are absolutely right. Unfortunately they won’t be in the history books for as long as they think they will after they’ve self-destructed.

    No one respects them so when it’s all done the only thing anyone will be is relieved that they don’t have to read about them anymore.

  • If they love each other and willing to forgive and move on, then I say F___k what the world thinks because at the end of the day it’s all about their happiness and what they want it’s not about pleasing others!! Their personal life is their business, only thing the public eye should be worrying about is their music! It was WRONG for him to put his hands on her but if she’s willing to forgive him and move past it then hey let them LIVE happily!!!

    • I don’t think so mabe you just need fi get fi know him and you will see he’s a nice person maybe I don’t realy know him put if I can say that and I don’t realy know Christ brow well hell don’t judge the book by its cover and well hell if the bitch the ask fi it give it to a and hell he be loving her dowwwn

  • Chris & Riri, u can bash them all u want they jst enjoyin this media frenzy . Anyway chris made a mistake by beating Riri, now whether it was wrong or right the damage has been done he cant take that back.They only reason the broke up was because of the incident they never really stop loving each other.Take a good look at ur relationship is u n ur partner perfect ? If ur single stop being bitter n get a hobby. As for CB & Riri they grown ups they probably no wat they doin , if they dont then its their problem not yours. Cheers

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  • what the hell? chris brown is sooooooo ugly. i don’t have a clue what rihanna sees in him, but like most of you said, they’re adults. IT’S THEIR PROBLEM, NOT OURS! so what if they have sex? does it affect us? no, it affects their careers and their popularity.
    LOL <3

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