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Chris Brown: Still A Douchebag, Now Without Twitter

A photo of Chris Brown

I know, it’s ANOTHER story about Chris Brown being a bad person, but this is a really good one! It’s one of the ones where Chris proves it himself with his words, and those are my favorite! You’ll see.

Ok, basically Chris Brown got in this Twitter fight with a comedy writer named Jenny Johnson, who is now one of my personal heroes. She was funny, he said a bunch of immature shit, and then he deleted his Twitter. I’m going to try to recount the conversation for you, but since Chris’ Twitter isn’t there anymore, it might be a little difficult. But let’s get started!

It started when Chris tweeted this:

I look old as f-ck! I’m only 23….

And Jenny retweeted that with this comment:

I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person

Then Chris said this:

take them teeth out when u Sucking my dick HOE.

And now Jenny:

It’s “HO” not “HOE” you ignorant f-ck.

Then Chris:

I should fart while ur giving me top.

Then Jenny:

Your mom must be so proud of you.

Then Chris:

see.. I don’t even have to tell u what u already know. Thanks HO! #bushpig

And then Jenny just linked to an article detailing the police report on his assault, which should have been the end.  But it wasn’t, because Chris had another good zinger in him:

mom says hello… She told me not to shart in ur mouth, wanted me to shit right on the retina,

And Jenny said this:


In between this big exchange, Chris kept tweeting things like “ur life sucks so much ass,” “the funniest shit is not giving a f-ck,” and “if u can take a dick, u can take a joke.”  Then Jenny said that she wasn’t going to interact with him anymore, saying that “all I got from that exchange with Chris Brown is that he wants to shit and fart on me,” and then clarifying that she had “zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing.” So that’s the end, right?

Nope.  Chris had to throw in this gem:

Just ask Rihanna if she mad??????

Jenny told him to get some help, and then you won’t even believe what Chris said:

Further proved my point of how immature society is

Then he tweeted “catch me in traffic,” and boom, no more Twitter.

Is it weird that I can still be shocked about how awful he can be?

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  • I feel sorry for his publicists – there isn’t much more damage control they can do. They’ve told him to not speak in public, they’ve tried to monitor his twitter use, they’ve even tried to link him with charities and he’s subsequently fucking everything up. Now they’ve deleted his Twitter account but I doubt that’s going to help at this point anymore.

    • Me too.
      Ugh. Do you ever get so angry and repulsed that you feel violent and nauseated all at once? I want to projectile vomit him into next week.

    • I wish so too, but I have a feeling this was just one of his tantrums and he will return to the social network barfing something like “haters gonna hate” or “Carpe Diem” or just any nonsensical random shit only his stupid ignorant mind can think of as clever/genius/philosophical.

  • Once again, perfect examples of how low his regard of women. It takes so little to bring out the violent attitude, just criticism, that’s it, and out come the verbal fists of hatred. This is a seething pile of anger and disrespect, with a barely restrained violence impulse. ANYONE should be wary of interaction with this fist-for-morals, illiterate misogynist. Hair trigger anger response, whether words or physical contact, and then avoid all responsibility for it. Text book abuser cyclic actions. Not proud of the comedians comments either, but his reaction was repulsive.

  • Why did this girl even bother following him???? Why did she even waste her time on him? Why do people keep condemning him when the person he hurt physically, still prances and flaunts herself around with him. Why isn’t any1 boycotting RaRa’s music seeing as she doesn’t respect herself. She found love in a swollen face. ;O

  • “Why do people keep condemning him when the person he hurt physically, still prances and flaunts herself around with him.”

    What she does is irrelevant.
    He is scum, and needs condemning. Your question makes no sense.

  • Jenny Johnson is one of my favourites on Twitter. She just doesn’t give a shit. Her almost daily twitts to Kim K are just awesome.

  • Saddest part of all this is, young girls calling themselves teambreezy on twitter have been sending Jenny Johnson death threats and saying all sorts of awful things defending him. Sad that these young girls don’t realize what trash he is.

  • I love that chris brown speaks his mind. why is this post about how evil and bad of a person chris is when this woman started the fight in the first place?

    • Yeah, it’s so great how Chris Brown isn’t sorry about anything!

      Look, Chris Brown speaks his mind all the time. He also storms off sets and throws furniture. He beats women up. He isn’t nice. He isn’t a good person. He isn’t apologetic, and he isn’t sincere. People love him anyway. He also has a ton of ardent admirers. It isn’t interesting or subversive to defend this person.

      • Ooh, anti KKK, that’s so clever. We are all suitably riled up and offended. You should use those two remaining brain cells sparingly.

      • Totally get your point and where you are coming from, but I don’t blame him for lashing out when people attack him and constantly throw the past in his face. Obviously what he did to Rihanna was horrible, but how long will it be held against him? She moved on, the world should to.

  • Lately, I’ve been thinking of Chris Brown as an angry, spoiled three year old in a man’s body. That seems to be the best description of how he behaves.

  • This piece of shit should not be a public figure, he is far from a role model and he should pay for it for the rest of his days. One thing you do not do as a man is hit a woman, it’s disgusting!

  • Chris brown is not even a man first of all. Secondly he’s not even a man Third of all hes NOT EVEN A MAN. Finally there is plenty of talent out there that deserves fame and success not this women beating garbage pail.

  • Show business can toss poeple out of limelight. This chris brown (name not worthy of being put in caps) does not deserve 40 forgive me any man that can not just hot a women but beat 1 down is a low life

  • 1 last thought let chris brown beat down whom evers mother or sister and lets see if that person picks him back up. I had the pleasure of beating the hell of a lowlife who put his hands on my sister and I know for sure he wont get a 2nd chance with me nor any 1 who means anything to me.

  • seems to me all the women who comment on chris dont comment on a lot of white singers actors or any one of whiteness but or quick to say this guy who has done and went to jail got probation etc etc and has moved on WHY OH WHY cant no talent white women do the same lol low life bloggers fix your glasses lmbao

  • Why did she mess with him. She started the drama. Why did she call him worthless? She is not god. And she should not be known as a role model. Because no one is worthless.

    The bottom line is how was she expecting him to respond?
    Chris : yes Jenny I am thank u

    Sounds pretty dumb to me.

    As for Chris brown he should have removed any social media accounts a long time ago. He should realize he can’t do or say anything he is a public figure and should act as such.

  • First of all why people on his BUSINESS and this stuff with rihanna happened like three years ago!!!!!! people get over it if RiRi can forgive him why dont we move on and that was pretttyy childish for her to comment on his twitter in the first place if he was jkayyying!!!!!

  • Someone shoot this douchebag. -_- Guess this is what you get when you give a kid much money and fame, and apparently also forget to raise him. (Seriously, ask Rihanna if she’s mad? Maybe not mad, but obviously retarded.)

    • The crazy thing is there’s hundreds of Chris Browns out there that have their little minion that look up to this fool! And right behind them are all the free, mindless bait a ‘wanna be thug’ could ask for!

  • Okay so, he posts something, and this bitch (and that’s what she is) starts a fight with him? The person he had an issue with no longer does, so why is it her business to harp on it? Why are any of you all pissed about it? Is she your relative or friend? Do any of you for that matter know him personally? Someone said he wasn’t sorry about anything, how do you know? I know guys that have taken the fall in an abusive relationship, and will go to jail to protect the girl, the girl wont have a mark and the guy will, but he still goes to jail. In this case she had marks, but, did anyone take pictures of him? If they are still in love, leave them alone. Even if they aren’t, and are trying to let it go, shut the hell up and worry about your own love lives, if you have one.

  • People, she didn’t just call him a worthless piece of shit because he hit “RiRi” as you turds call her, she called him that because he’s a goddamn worthless piece of shit. He bails on community service, he goes out with his ‘posse’ dressed as a group of terrorists around town, and does not ONCE apoligize for beating up a woman. This guy is a worthless piece of shit who does nothing but bitch and argue with everyone and thier mother oon the internet and deserves to be called a worthless piece of shit until the day he dies.

  • I’m waiting for the day CB commits suicide. What a great day that would be. People would rejoice.

    When someone asks me where I’m heading. I tell them to the toilet, to drop a couple Chris Browns off.

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