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How Melissa Etheridge Ruined Christmas

A photo of Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels

You remember that awful custody battle between Melissa Etheridge and her ex, Tammy Lynn Michaels? Tammy keeps writing bad poetry about it on her blog, and Melissa doesn’t really talk about it all that much? The last we heard, Melissa was giving Tammy $23,000 a month in child support. But now we’re hearing that that’s not nearly enough, and now Tammy can’t afford to buy their kids any Christmas presents. SAD.

Here’s the deal, according to Tammy:

fascinating you know— secrets, they are. People, places, things and accounts, houses, waived rights AND relationships, money —-secrets are sick—a sign of an illness within—disease—playing games with money—phoney baloney—hide and seek—can you find the ball under the clam shell? —christmas is coming—chase the check—chase the check —chase the check—can’t —catch it—oh watch the girl go—empty stockings and tiny boxes—-don’t worry– —i’ll teach them what’s important—nothing close to —what i have to chase in the stupid mail box—but rather—what is in the heart—which could never–never never ever be found in a mail box anyway…………… millionaires in their mansions—-tricking with trusts—-hiding money from Paul behind Peter—–just to steal from the minor in the end—-integrity is a mystery in—-the town of gold dust—-pyrite—fool’s gold —-at times i do feel——as narcissistic as this sounds—that i might be the only —one—with a moral compass —-this side of the Indiana State Line. —tell me it’s not true—-no—-show me—-show me—-someone show me it’s not true…………

If you can’t make sense of that, the deal is that while Melissa is sending Tammy checks, the checks are slow to arrive. Which I guess means that $23,000 is so little to Tammy that she goes through it all in a month, and now that it’s December she doesn’t have any extra to get Christmas presents. That’s what I’m gathering, at least. And that’s so preposterous.

Despite the fact that gifts are obviously not what the holiday season is about (my 12-year-old niece asked me for a laptop, and I sort of laughed in her face, then cried inside a little, and then told her she was getting books instead), I still find it so hard to believe Tammy here. Unless when she talks about the checks being late she means that they’re several months late, then I really don’t want to hear about it. If money is that hard on $23,000 a month, then maybe you need to reevaluate your life. Maybe move somewhere less expensive, maybe review your expenses. I don’t even know, maybe just pray about it. This is the silliest thing in the whole world.

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  • A-freakin’-men! I understand a woman wanting her ex to pay the child support. I’ve known women who quite literally are looking for change in the sofa to have enough to pay the damn mortgage. This woman does not fall into that category. STFU and save some of that money for futures for the children. Most women don’t have that option!!!

  • This is so ridiculous – not only to actually live such a crazy lifestyle that 23 grand doesn’t cover your expenses, but to bitch about it publicly? I imagine her goal it make Melissa look like a deadbeat, but it just makes Tammy look like a f-cking asshole.

  • I am team children. Melissa was ordered by a court of law to pay and that is what she was supposed to do whether she hated Tammy or not. Tammy was supposed to make sure the kids had a Christmas with or without Melissa, as she is their mother. If Tammy knew that Melissa could screw her over as a wife she should not have been surprised when Melissa screwed over the kids. She knew Melissa had poor character from the start.
    These poor kids are going to have to read about all of this because their parents are selfish pieces of trash.

  • It seems like Tammy’s issue is not that she gets $23,000 a month, it’s that Melissa has so much MORE. So she feels she should get a bigger chunk of that MORE. It also seems that Tammy would want the children to live like they have MORE MORE MORE but she doesn’t want to do anything to contribute to that but cash checks and whine on the internet. I think Melissa is showing remarkable restraint.
    On a separate note, when I was little (mind you, this was about 30 years ago) my father would have killed to have a job that paid $23,000 A YEAR. The four of us in our family were living on considerably less than that.

  • I think that if Tammy does not want the public to talk about her finances, she had best stop using public forums to try to shame Melissa.
    The knife cuts both ways.