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LeAnn Rimes is Classy, Tries to Outsing Her Biggest Fan

Oh man, guys, this is rich. This young girl, if you don’t already know who she is, is Carly Rose Sonenclar, who was in the ‘X-Factor‘ finals. As you can see, or hear, she’s singing LeAnn Rimes’ “How Do I Live,” and as the theme of the evening was “Duets,” it was only natural for LeAnn to hop up on stage and sing along with Carly Rose. Note that I said along and not over, because that’s exactly what LeAnn did.

… AND OH MY GOD. Literally, within the first three seconds of LeAnn entering center stage, the shit was f-cking bizarre as hell. Immediately, LeAnn started bleating the song (like a goat), and throwing diva fingers all around like it was going out of style. Then she awkwardly tried to grab the girl’s hand, and then attempted—unsuccessfully—to hug her. A minute in, LeAnn starts singing to poor Carly Rose, who looks mad uncomfortable and who then gives a quick side-eye to the camera. The crowd finally roars when Carly’s cued back in, and LeAnn’s left in the dust (yeah, as if she’d allow that to happen—LeAnn just got louder as the song progressed). Here’s the telltale sign that something was definitely amiss: even Britney looked confused as to what the hell was happening.

Forgetting the words and slurring the ones she got right notwithstanding, the performance was a f-cking bust. I’m still in awe of how this all went down without it being cut from the show somehow or another.

Was she drinking? Yeah, I’d say so. I’d actually go as far as to say that LeAnn probably got nice and sauced before the performance and this God-awful clip was the end result. And how embarrassing for everyone involved, you know?

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  • She definitely needs help. At the rate she is going, she is going to end up like Whitney Houston. Even her voice is suffering and she looked TERRIBLE. I was embarrassed for Carly Rose. She was put in a position that she was too young to handle. An older singer wouldn’t have cared and would’ve continued to belt it out and outshine Leanne but, because Carly is younger, I think she felt like she had to respect her elders and pull back. Carly’s performance suffered because of Leann.

  • There goes the pregnancy theory!

    Last week Leann turned NoH8 into the Leann Rimes show by “kissing” Eddie on the red carpet and faking a nip slip, so I am not surprised that this happened at all. Just look at the way Leann exploits Brandi’s kids, so did anyone truly believe that Carly Rose was going to escape that same fate? Leann’s behavior has been out of control for months(every since the day she left “rehab”) and rather than call her on it, she was rewarded with fluffpieces depicting her as the victim and “woe is me” interviews on Leno, Katie, and E! And as usual, Leann will try to fix this by setting up “happy family” photo-ops/twitpics with Brandi’s kids and Eddie or having her mouthpiece E put out a negative story about Brandi.

    What is quite interesting is how Leann has been planting her fans on sites to counteract the negative feedback by writing posts praising the performance, writing that Leann looks the best she has ever looked, and making excuses by saying that Leann was sick with a “cold”. Even the people over at The Rolling Stone called Leann out, they were appalled by both Leann’s behavior and her appearance.

    People are asking why Britney didn’t do the duet with Carly and I’m wondering if once again, Leann bullied/forced her way onto the show just like she did with Katie and the 20/20 All Country Access special. I find it odd that Simon allowed Leann to do a duet with their contestants, considering how he was against Leann being a judge on his show. So what changed his mind? Leann donates money to Kris Jenner’s church, oops I mean, is “friends” with the Kardashians, so was it Khloe’s idea to have Leann(and not Britney) perform with Carly?

  • The worst part of all of this, is that once again Leann will throw a major tantrum and the media will be forced right back into writing fluffpieces that kiss Leann’s behind. For once I wish the media would stand their ground and not give into Leann’s demands. Leann has been bragging about her Christmas family vacation, so you know she is on the phone right now making sure that by tomorrow or next week, those very same media outlets who are calling her out today are writing glowing happy fluffpieces about “her family” and “her boys” as they frolick on the beach!

    • You sound as if LeAnn’s life and problems bother/effect you.. your like “and the worst part about this is the media will write nice things about her!!” LOFUCKINGL. Who cares if the media loves her and she throws tantrums and she has fans writing about her online etc.. she is boring as shit and there are WAY better topics to gossip about then Leanne’s eating habits and interviews.. Like that bitch Brandi and her attitude and constant need to be in the media..

      All that woman does is incessantly bitch and complain about Leanne and Eddie and her boys and rehab and gossip and tabloids and this and that forever and ever etc.. Someone should tell her that if she just shut up about it and acted like she didn’t care then maybe Leanne wouldn’t keep throwing it in her face and keep trying to get a reaction out of her to keep them relevant. LeAnn is clearly enjoying the attention it garners. She’s just chilling with these kids and posting pics then laying back and letting Brandi act all nuts and loud while she sits around like “what? I just took them to the zoo”. Brandi’s going about this all wrong. She’s reacting exactly how LeAnn wants her to. It’s not hard to get this woman going, she’s clearly got an attitude problem and she can’t control her anger (as shown on Real Housewives) so LeAnn just sits back and laughs.

      Brandi should just find a hot new man and take trips and go out and do fun shit together.. make LeAnn jealous and think that her life is lame and boring hanging out with little kids that aren’t even hers all of the time. She’s gotta act like all of these outings don’t even bother her, if anything she has a free babysitter so she can go out and do awesome shit. She clearly likes the fact that it’s being played out in the media bc it keeps her relevant. Otherwise she’s shut up about it by now. She forced her way onto the Real Housewives when clearly none of the ladies even liked her.. she just grew on them eventually. Her husband cheated on her constantly apparently (there’s that waitress at Lisa Vanerpump’s restaurant too), and the ladies on the show found her to be an annoying and rude show off.. so that just show you how much of a shitty person she is. Her personality sucks and she’s always saying rude shit to everyone.. It’s no wonder she couldn’t keep her husband.. bc LeAnn aint no prize either.. that man just wanted OUT and with ANYONE that came along!!

      • “You sound as if LeAnn’s life and problems bother/effect you”

        Pot, meet kettle. You just wrote a huge piece on Leann, Brandi and Ediot.

      • amen isabel. I only read the first paragraph because blah – fucking – blah. Kid = super amazingly talented. Leann – oh my god what has happened to her!?!? Her face, her voice, her trying to outdo some kid on a show … eek!

  • Why is Leann so predictable? Leann just couldn’t stand the fact that Carly is getting more sympathy than she is. Leann and her lawyer contacted TMZ! How dare TMZ write a negative article about Leann after she fed them information about her lawsuit against the teacher. Leann and her lawyer told TMZ that it was Carly Rose’s fault-Carly was young & nervous and having trouble with the notes. Seriously? Every media outlet made it perfectly clear that before and after the duet with Leann that Carly Rose was doing well.

    It doesn’t stop there, not only does Leann and her lawyer throw Carly under the bus, but she and her lawyer also blamed Brandi. How does what Brandi wrote in an email to Eddie have anything to do with Leann’s behavior yesterday? I don’t even think that the people who were asking if Leann was drunk even watch RHOBH or know about Brandi’s email to Eddie, so it’s crazy to say that people are saying that Leann was drunk because of Brandi is telling lies. People saw it with their own eyes. Leann’s lawyer insists that Leann was STONE COLD SOBER , and he knows this how? Because Leann told him that she couldn’t possibly be drunk because she is pregnant?

    I wonder how X Factor, Simon, Demi, Britney, and Khloe will respond. Will they throw Carly under the bus just to appease Leann? Will they make Carly take the blame?

  • @MAYO

    Hi CAS!!!!!!!!

    And yet here you are doing what? You sound as if the negative criticism that Leann gets bother/effect you…now that is crazy. Obviously YOU care more than what you are letting on because look at how you took the time and energy to write a paragraph about how we should be trashing Brandi instead of Leann! The problem with your logic is that this article is about LEANN, not Brandi. Brandi only got dragged into the XFactor storyline because of Leann and her lawyer.

    So basically what you are saying is that you are mad because Brandi doesn’t sit back and quietly take whatever Leann dishes out to her. Brandi has ignored Leann and as we can clearly see based on Leann’s behavior over the weekend Leann didn’t stop taunting Brandi. Leann sits backs and laughs? No she doesn’t. Leann plays the victim, just look at what she told Leno on Wednesday. If Eddie wanted out, why then is Leann morphing herself into Brandi?

  • Oh dear. LeAnn has gone right off the deep end. Eddie is probably in a full-on panic trying to figure out a way to hide from her during the holidays.
    Brandi is somewhere on the floor crying with laughter right now.
    LeAnn should be ashamed of herself for trying to humiliate her fan.

  • Ewwwww…she definitely was drunk or on something. She was almost completely unintelligible and damn near took that kid’s eye out with those pointy little finger jabs!

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