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LeAnn Blamed Her Drunkenness on the Kid She Tried to Drown Out

photo of LeAnn Rimes and Carly Rose Sonenclar pictures x-factor performing
So remember how we thoroughly dissected what must have been going through LeAnn Rimes’ head earlier today when I showed you all that God-awful clip of LeAnn clumsily clomping around onstage? You know, during the duet with ‘X-Factor’s Carly Rose Sonenclar? Well. Of course LeAnn wasn’t drunk, guys, what do you think she is? Here’s what LeAnn had to say, and gosh, it’s probably the worst:

“I was trying to help this 13-year-old girl who was having some trouble with the song.”

Bitch did not. Seriously, I mean, she just didn’t, because there’s no way she’s seriously that self-absorbed that she’s going to pin her f-cked antics on the back of a little girl who could probably sing circles around LeAnn if she chose to. My jaw just about hit the floor when I read LeAnn’s statement, because honestly, this thirteen-year-old girl didn’t sound like she was having a damn bit of trouble with the song. No, the only “trouble” young Carly Rose might have had was with the hearing herself part, because LeAnn’s shrill-ass yodeling drowned three-quarters of the poor girl’s performance out.

I’m in shock, seriously. Who even makes that kind of statement about a young kid? Someone desperate and clinging to remnants of self-preservation, that’s who. Or maybe, I don’t know, someone who still might be drunk from the night before. That’s probably a bit more accurate, truth be told.


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  • She’s that older lady (example: Demi Moore) who gets sh*t-faced at some obscure Karaoke bar in Redondo Beach and lurches onstage to show the kids how it’s REALLY done, only LeAnn & Demi do it in front of the entire planet.

  • It gets even worse. Leann went from blaming Carly and Brandi to blaming TMZ and her lawyer. She tweeted that she didn’t give a statement to the media about Carly, implying that TMZ lied and that her lawyer(the same one who is involved in the lawsuit with the teacher), is giving statements to the press without her consent.

    I’m not surprised at all that Leann threw CR under the bus just to save herself. She does that to her stepsons all the time(she blames them for making her sick and she blames them when she gives bad interviews). I’m not even surprised by the fact that she had no qualms what so ever about blaming a child for her actions and thinking that people would be on her side once they heard “her truth”; afterall, look how Katie, Leno, Guiliana, Kris Jenner/Khloe/Kim, and Maya A were on her side once they heard “her truth”! Part of the problem are those media outlets and tv personalities who encourage Leann’s bad behavior. She is getting slammed for blaming Carly and what does she do? Tweets about the flowers that Leno sent her today. Now she feels no accountability because in her mind “Leno”(aka Leann’s assistant-we all know that Leno didn’t take time out of his busy day to personally pick out flowers for Leann) confirmed that she was “right” by sending those flowers.

  • What will Leann’s damage control be, she needs to sway the media’s opinion of her to ensure that the media writes nothing but fluffpieces when she saturates the internet with photos of “her family” during their Christmas beach vacation?

    Happy family staged photo-op
    Provoke Brandi so that Brandi goes off on her again on twitter
    Another sob story about rescuing an abused dog
    Fuel pregnancy rumors
    Have Kris, Khloe, or Giuliana praise her performance

  • Happy family staged photo-op( with a heavy dose of Leann and Eddie couldn’t keep their hands off of one another) it is! Someone just tweeted that they were sitting behind Leann, Eddie, and Brandi’s kids at some restaurant! I sincerely hope that she reconsiders exploiting Brandi’s kids considering how much her exploitation of Carly Rose backfired.

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