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But Hey, It’s All OK Because Rihanna’s Single Again

photo of rihanna pictures chris brown breakup pic
No, really, she is—she’s single, and she went and confirmed it herself on her Twitter page. Rihanna and Chris Brown are no more, and all it constituted was a tiny, shitty blip on Rihanna’s Twitter feed. Unreal, guys. And why could that be? What? Because Rihanna and Chris Brown are unstable and combustible and generally ridiculous? Oh, right. So I guess we’re all pretty much not surprised by anything they do, including having babies. Got it.

After the jump (due to NSFW language) is Rihanna‘s “Rih”-card, which announced that she’s back on the market, because that’s crafty. You caught that, right? Instead of E-card, it’s a RIH-card? Bwahahaha. Ha. I’m just dying over here.

photo of rihanna rihcard pictures

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