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Quotables: Nick Cannon Talks About Why He Dumped Kim Kardashian

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This was my issue. We talked about this tape…And she told me there was no tape. If she might have been honest with me I might have tried to hold her down and be like ‘That was before me’ because she is a great girl. She’s actually one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. But the fact that she lied and told me that there was no tape?…And I still think she might have even had a part to play with it. … I think she’s a great businesswoman if you ask me.

Nick Cannon on his opinion that Kim Kardashian is a lying, cheating ho with a checkered past when it comes to seedy sex tapes. I get it; I understand it.

More importantly, though, I don’t even know how Nick Cannon gets all of these “hot” chicks. Can that really be the more important of the issues that we’re talking about here? Because I don’t understand it a bit. I mean, honestly. Kim Kardashian, Christina Milian, Selita Ebanks, Mariah Carey … who else has this dude banged? He’s either the nicest guy in the world, or he’s got the world’s largest penis, but I’m thinking it’s probably the nice thing. After having sex with Kim Kardashian, poor Nick probably doesn’t have much left beyond a still-smoldering stump of two inches. A lupus-type thing? Hardly. I think poor Nick Cannon has a mutant strain of incurable venereal disease that he caught directly from the horse’s mouth, and by horse’s mouth, I mean “whore’s mouth.” It’ll do it every time, guys.

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  • Ah, nothing like some completely unnecessary slut shaming on an all-woman run blog. Keep it up, Sarah! Do your fellow women proud!

    • You’re so right. I should be nothing but sympathetic to a woman who sold herself out to the point of allowing a man to piss on her in a degrading sex tape. Oh, and then who continuously capitalized on the fame of said tape, and who alienated anyone who came into her life that may have genuinely cared about her. That sounds like someone I want to support especially if they have a vagina, like me.


  • Did she actually let someone piss on her in that video ? She is gonna be such a great mother her kids will be very proud ! She is the most disgusting human being and I don’t know how she can even show her face anymore she makes me sick !!!! She has no pride or self respect !!!! Just a nasty whore !!!!!

  • I’m with Julia, Did she Really let someone piss on her in that sex tape? How DISGUSTING!!! To think that is what got her onto TV is just beyond belief! She is just a money grubbing whore & her momager is a money grubbing pimp & whore herself! Unbelievable that Bruce has put up with it & is allowing her to start in on their own two daughters now too.

  • There has never been anyone in the history of the world that has made me crindge with disgust as much as kim and her family does. I feel anger b/c the level of indecency they promote on a daily basis really does have an effect on the world and the thinking of those who want to blindly follow in their footsteps.


  • I think she’s sincere about her Golden Shower fetish. I bet Kim is game for anything even the back-door.

  • I agree that Kim is a disgusting fame whore and that all the Kardashians shows are moral vacuums that sucks the very soul out of anyone who watches. People are injecting concrete in their asses for Kanyes sake. Not to be a Captain Save a Hoe (e-40 reference)but I dont think she got pissed on you guys. That was the R.Kelly sex tape. Ray J, R Kelly, R&B I get the mix up but there is a difference between gold digging and golden showers. As for Nick Cannon, well the reason why he pulled all the hot hoes is because he could afford their services. He was like the CEO of nickelodean or some shit.

  • No comment, I don’t even watch the show, but hearing too much about their dysfunctional family, means that there really isn’t enough good shows on the air to prevent people from watching garbage like them

  • I hope Nick wrapped his weinie when he boned out KIm Skankdashian……..Although Kim is gorgeous, thanks to alot of plastic work.I would’nt f@ck her with Lame-mar’s dick and Scott Disic pushing