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11Deadmau5 Proposed to Kat Von D on Twitter

A photo of Kat Von D and Deadmau5

All right, this is a whole lot of story, but I promise it’s totally worth it. Just stick with me, ok?

So Kat Von D, right? We all know about Kat Von D. Except you might not know that she’s been dating Deadmau5, that DJ who is best known here at Evil Beet for talking shit about Madonna. They started dating in September, and now they’re engaged. But it’s all the stuff in between that’s really special.

First of all, they broke up last month. So they met in September, then started dating, things were cool in October, then they broke up in November. Here’s what Kat tweeted about it:

Man.. Can’t say I didn’t give it my best.

Man, I sure was wrong. But at least he made it a no-brainer to break that off. #lessonlearned

Now, we can get all of the “I told you so’s” outta the way… And move on.

Clarification: Deadmau5 and I are no longer together.

And Deadmau5 tweeted this stuff:

Going to spend a little while screwing my head back on

I guess im not cut out for relationships right now. and that’s all i really want to dwell on it right now.

I’ll figure it out. no hard feelings.

it happened too fast, i lost my balance and fell into a familiar dark place that im having difficulty with. she deserves someone stronger.

All those tweets happened on November 10th, and I’m not exactly sure when they got back together, but Deadmau5 was tweeting personal pictures of her again by November 17th. So he cheated on her (my guess – that’s what it sounds like, right?), and a week later they’re back together, and a month later they’re engaged. Awesome.

And here’s the really awesome part: the proposal. I don’t have to just describe it to you, you can see it yourself!

I can’t wait for Christmas so…. Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?

Yep.  Deadmau5 proposed to Kat Von D via Twitter.  And just for those of you who think you can’t propose without a ring, he had that issue covered too:

Kat said yes, also on Twitter:


Mi corazon!!! Thank you all for the lovely congratulations! Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiancé!

See? You can’t even make this stuff up. Well, you could, but no one would believe you because it’s so dumb.

December 17, 2012 at 5:30 am by Emily
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11 Responses to “Deadmau5 Proposed to Kat Von D on Twitter”

  1. Taeko says:

    The ad over the first pic said “1 Strange tip for whiter teeth” and my brain processed it as “1 Strange trip for white trash.” And I thought, “wow, these ads are getting eerily accurate.”

  2. Queasy says:

    And she looks like she could snap him like a twig!

  3. Isabel says:

    Since every guy cheats on her, is she terrible in bed? Or secretly extremely boring? Always find it funny how the most extreme looking people are actually boring and plain on the inside -.-
    (ok yeah, that was a generalization )

  4. pikki nikki polka pants says:

    starfuckers, inc!

  5. bondbabe says:

    Nice Hot Topic engagement ring!

  6. Whatwhat says:

    How old is she? Seriously? She falls madly in love with every guy who looks at her for twelve seconds.

    Grow up and stop getting engaged to guys you’ve been dating less than six months.

  7. Alex says:

    That was fast

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