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Could You Write A Letter for Lindsay?

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Oh my gosh,hey guys! How are you doing? I know you’ve probably been busy with your own lives, right? You’ve probably been doing your own stuff, and that’s cool, it really is, but do you think you could just do this one thing real quick, please? Could you write a letter to Lindsay Lohan‘s judge? If you can’t, that’s totally fine, but if you love her, you’d do it! Ha ha, just kidding. But please.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan is DESPERATE to avoid jail time … so much so, she’s enlisted the help of her spiritual advisor to make sure that happens.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ … the actress is asking friends, family and her spiritual guru (yup, some people have those) to write letters on her behalf to the judge hearing her case.  Lindsay believes the letters will help prove jail is not the best option for her.

TMZ broke the story … Lindsay is currently facing up to 245 days in the slammer for her recent probation violation. Or the judge has the option to send her to counseling instead.

We’re told Lindsay is convinced a letter from the spiritual advisor will have the most impact. Specifically because he’s been helping her since 2008 — following her 2nd DUI arrest — and can vouch for the fact that LiLo has benefited from counseling in the past. When she shows up.

As we previously reported, Commissioner Jane Godfrey — who will arraign LiLo — isn’t big on jail regardless and often times chooses counseling over serving time.

A hearing is scheduled for January 25th.

I don’t know, this is weird. I was talking about this with my boyfriend (you know, I ask him about his friends at work, he asks me about Lindsay Lohan), and he was like “I thought if you violated probation, you automatically went back to jail.” And I realized that I thought that was true too, it’s just that I don’t even think about how the law is supposed to work when I think about Lindsay’s legal hijinks. But in my experience of watching people go to jail, once you’ve violated probation, that’s it, you have to go to jail. Is that a state-by-state thing, or is Lindsay just the luckiest crackhead in the world?

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  • Yes, I thought that was how the law was supposed to work. It did when I worked in records/booking at a city jail in Virginia anyway. Many celebrities live in California or New York and are allowed to do whatever without many consequences, so it must just have something to do with laws particular to those states. California definitely seems like the more lax of the two.

  • You can Bond out after being re-arrested for VOP and then you have a hearing just like you would for the first offense. Judges really hate VOP’s though because its like a slap in the face for the first break they gave you so if your found guilty likely you will have the book thrown at you. But she is not special in getting another hearing its required by law. Also most average people also put together a mitigation packet that includes pictures and letters from friends/family/bosses in order to persuade the judge to go leniently on their sentence. However mitigation packets are often only used during sentencing not the trial. So unless she plead out, she would go to court first to argue the VOP.