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Love It or Leave It: Charlize Theron’s Going Grey, Too

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Guys! Look at Charlize Theron! See that hair? That haircut? The color? Charlize and I could be head-twins. Or at least, hair-twins; Charlize Theron’s got way more on me in the face department, but my hair was that short not too long ago, and I also have the salt and pepper look going on (yes, at twenty-nine). My hair, however, is slightly more dishwater brown than almost-black, but it’s like wow. Charlize-girl and I are even going grey in the same places.

You already saw what Charlize looked like as not-a-blonde back in November, and now you can see that she doesn’t give a crap about those who don’t like it—she looks great and she’s rocking the shit out of it.

What do you guys think about Charlize bold head statement?

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  • She looks HORRIBLE. She was the most beautiful woman, but now, not even close. Why do women do that to their hair? It NEVER looks good at all

    • Because women are human beings (gasp!) who want to look good for themselves (double gasp!) and whose opinion of what looks good isn’t uniform (triple gasp!).

      • Anddddd it is for a movierole. If someone offered me millions to go shorter and run around in a warm country, calling it work, I would be on the first plane over there.
        And CT still looks good. She has a face that goes with every hairstyle, unlike some *cough Miley cough*

  • I think this just shows that she is real. She is not living up to the pressures and expectation placed on Hollywood actresses. To look flawless all the time and to have no imperfections. I respect her for going out the house, not caring that she has a few grays here or there. She’s not stressing to look perfect, she’s just living her life. A few other celebrities should take note from her. She is showing that she is a human being, that ages.

  • Charlize can do no wrong…ever. I can think of more than a handful of other actress’s who should be taking notes.

  • I am 47 with lots of salt in my previously pepper hair , I deal with it and smirk at other men who have so obviously dyed their hair jet black or shoe leather brown .
    I prefer people / women to age naturally , It’s sexy in my eyes .
    PS: minimal makeup is also hot

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  • She looks hot!
    I’m loving her haircut and -colour.
    She’s never really stood out to me before, looks-wise, but this cut really makes her face stand out and allows her facial features to shine, shine, shine. :)

  • I think there’s a lot to be said for just being who you are, including the colour of your hair. She looks great, I’m not going to look like that, but after years of putting a load of crap on my head every 6 weeks, I’m ‘growing out’ too, and looking forward to it!

  • I love her. She can do no wrong in my book. This just shows how real and not vain at all she is, and if it actually is for a movie role she’ll probably win another Oscar for it, so it’s a win-win.

  • She is just the most beautiful woman. I adore that she’s ballsy enough to not feel the need to dye her hair and still looks divine.

  • she looks great no matter what she does to her hair. i wish i had the guts to see how much grey i have in my hair…..

  • I suspect that Charlene has had cancer and this is her hair growing back. I just had breast cancer last year and I looked similar to this for awhile. The ravages of chemo claim even the famous. She is a lovely person with or without hair and I wish her only the best in life.